Between 14.6-14.7

“Atlas. I like that.” I shrugged. – Taylor should’ve made the bug shrug to keep the Ayn Rand reference more on point

Hehe, fair enough. Though that’d most likely require Taylor to be intentionally making the reference in-universe.

I rewatched the Incredibles 1 and when I saw Dash running through an insect swarm I immediately had to think about Taylor. How do you think the Incredibles would do up against either the Undersiders, the Wards, the Travelers, the Protectorate or the S9 in a fight?

Not incredibly.

By Worm standards, the Incredibles all have really basic powers, except for Jack-Jack, who is a baby and more often a liability than an asset despite his 17 or so different powers. I think Taylor alone could take most of them out without too much trouble. She might have some trouble with Dash, but it wouldn’t be her first time fighting a speedster.

In fact, apart from Jack-Jack, Helen is the only one with a main power Taylor hasn’t already been up against in some form. I suppose Violet also has her invisibility, but that’s nearly useless against Taylor if you’re not Mannequin.

Add to all this that three out of the five are quite inexperienced as fighters (and Bob tends towards pretty straightforward moves), and suddenly the Incredibles don’t seem all that incredible when pitted up against Worm capes.

Admittedly, Helen does show Worm-like creativity with her power from time to time, so there’s that. I definitely think she’s the biggest threat to any Wormverse opponents, though Jack-Jack’s wildcard behavior could also be a spanner in the works for the careful planning some of them are fond of.

“And in some cultures, people do eat insects.” And crustaceans, which are basically the insects of the sea. I’d guess you’ve eaten lobster and crab. If you ever end up in Louisiana, go to a crawdad boil.

I don’t think I have, actually? I’m not a big fan of seafood.

But yeah, good point! Those are also under Taylor’s control (though she hasn’t made use of that at all in the eleven-ish Arcs since that fact was introduced), so she could use her power to essentially go – very effectively – fishing for crabs if she wanted.

Do you think Amy will be able to heal Victoria, given her mental state?

Whose mental state, Amy’s or Victoria’s? Not to mention, what do you mean by “able” and “heal”? Physically capable, mentally up for it, both? Physical healing, mental healing, both? There are at least eighteen ways to read this question.

I’m going to interpret this as whether Amy is physically and mentally able to heal Victoria physically and mentally given Amy’s own mental state.

I think Amy is absolutely physically capable of both forms of healing (Cherish would have an easier time than Amy with the latter, but fuck no), but she’s not going to have fun doing the mental healing. I’m not sure she’s up for actually doing it, making excuses for why she didn’t do it before leaving the Undertravelers. I think her head is filled with a complicated mess of emotions, and she was already reluctant to mess with brains before all of this.

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