Between 14.7-14.8

I think you’ve been too light on Amy, and I don’t think she’s 100% innocent of what she did to Vic. Regent’s “how can you do that by accident?” is on point. I suspect Amy must have daydreamed often about doing what she did, perhaps sometimes almost doing it before restraining herself. How else could she, when her barriers were down, have done that so easily, instinctively, almost unconsciously and without any experience in manipulating brains?

If I am right on this, it does not make Amy a monster or anything close to it, but it does make what happened at least somewhat her fault. At least, I would say she is more blameworthy than Canary was for her thing, which was just speaking carelessly a single time, as opposed to Amy indulging repeatedly in dangerous fantasies (even if she was certain in her mind that she would never act on them).

Perhaps. I do think it matters a lot that she actively tried to stop it from happening, though. That makes me unwilling to assign her much of the blame.

But yeah, I may have gone too far in suggesting she’s entirely blameless.

“Maybe that’s his flaw. He’s been such a good guy so far, a straight up saint by this story’s standards, so it was only really a matter of time before a darker side showed up.” And your expectations for a hero’s behavior have now been successfully corrupted.

Hehe, yeah. I know how Wildbow works by now. For a while, I’ve been doubting that Legend would stay as thoroughly good as he currently is throughout the story.

Though there are others who have so far been portrayed similarly positively even through Interludes from their perspective, like Kid Win and Weld (okay, not technically Interludes, but you know what I mean). In some other cases that’s because they died before getting around to showing us their darker sides, but still.

In any case, for some time, the question for me hasn’t been “does Legend have a dark side”, but rather “how severe is Legend’s dark side (and how much do my readers laugh whenever I praise him for how good he is)”.

Honestly, though, I’d be down with the Wards, Parian and/or Legend staying this good. You may have noticed I quite like these characters for their goodness. 🙂

John’s bathtub shouldn’t be summoned by a Bakuda bomb.

Ahaha, yes! John’s bathtub showing up would totally fit into the chaos, yeah! :p

…maybe that’s why it isn’t there – because it’s so fitting that it actually should be there.

For those lacking the context here: One of my other blogs is called John’s Bathtub Where It Shouldn’t Be, and is centered on me editing John Egbert’s bathtub from Homestuck into images where it doesn’t belong. This ask is formatted like the requests for that blog. (Note: Please do not send me Worm-related asks over there.)

I would make this if I could, even though I’m guessing you didn’t actually mean this as a serious request, but unfortunately I don’t have an image to work with. I couldn’t find a satisfactory image of regular bombs going off to represent Bakuda bombs or to be good for a bathtub edit, and I can’t go searching for fanart of the chaos from the Bakuda bombs because of the risk of spoilers. I’m also wary about using people’s fanart for the edits in the first place. Sorry! :p

So, I guess you could give Glory Girl a new name, after what Crawler did to her. Gorey Girl.

Heh. 🙂

Any idea who the scholar could be? Taylor doesn’t know, but we have more info than Taylor.

Hm. Well, when you put it like that, it seems like it’d have to be someone we’ve heard of, in a non-Taylor chapter or Interlude, probably 9.3. Which is fitting considering that’s one chapter before we found out the Nine were in town.

In 9.3 we learned about Garth and Rogers, who studied trigger events. Garth later went on to study cape families.

If Siberian is one of the two, I’m guessing Garth, just because we know ever so slightly more about them. Though maybe Rogers disappeared to become Siberian and that’s why Garth did their study on families alone? Or, what if Rogers was the love Garth lost and later became Siberian in order to avenge?

Basically it could be either one. We really don’t know much about these two.

This wasn’t quite what I expected from the title “Connecting with Tiny Insect Brains through Virtual Reality”, but it’s still quite interesting. Maybe even more interesting.

One thing I forgot to mention in my response to the ask about which scholar Siberian was: If he really was a big-name scholar like Garth or Rogers, that’s totally another point towards “great potential wasted on evil”. Though it’s worth noting that unlike Mannequin, the potential on this front wouldn’t be through his power.

Though there is the part I already had about how Siberian’s power might be able to harm or even kill Endbringers.

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