Between 15.1-I15a

George and Lennie are two characters in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. You should read it or watch it. (The same guy wrote The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden.)

I believe “George and Lenny” is a reference to “Of Mice and Men”. I’m sure that the big-and-strong-but-mentally-challenged character in that book is named Lenny at the very least.

…ohh, those guys! I haven’t read or watched Of Mice and Men, but I have seen Overly Sarcastic Productions’ summary of it. Not that I would’ve made the connection if you hadn’t mentioned that Lennie is not just dumb but “mentally challenged”.

I’m glad Taylor seems to be wrong about this, because if she turned out to be more right than she bargained for in that comparison, it would not be pleasant for Biter down the line.

Frech speaker here, lightning in french is éclair, which is pretty close to éclaire which is a baked good. Guess the family did try theme naming… they just didn’t do enough research.

I’m sure you’re gonna get 20 asks about this but I can’t resist being the obnoxious Frenchperson telling you that Éclair is not only a pastry, but also means lightning (without an e in either case, that is Wildbow’s mistake or the girl’s).

Oh, huh. Sounds like a very shocking pastry!

shocking 2.png

[El Goonish Shive panel]

Elliot: It’s not that shocking.
Ellen: I could power half the city right now it’s so shocking!

(#clearly ellen just ate an éclair)

While Taylor was very brutal in her reaction, I can’t really feel sorry for Barker. Calling a supervillain a gendered slur to her face in the middle of her base was an enormously bad idea. Unlike non-powered women she has the power to punish him for it and isn’t bound by the social rules of proportionate response. He is just lucky she isn’t someone like Bakuda because then he would probably have died painfully instead.

Fair enough. I suppose I just didn’t really see it as him calling her that, just saying it to activate his power for demonstrative purposes, despite it literally blowing up in her face.

(#jerry we need you
#El Goonish Shive)

Abou the “we see everything through Taylor’s lenses” thing, the ridiculous amount of WOG that Wilbow leaves on reddit and other places give a better idea of what the situation is like. They are compilated on a spacebattles thread, so you could maybe read them once you finish Worm

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Although maybe it’ll be better to wait until after Ward, depending on what comes up there? You guys will know better than me on that front, so you can figure it out with Sharks when the time comes.

(Later is probably better than now because there’ll be more of Ward to judge by.)

I’m pretty sure all that asker was saying with the “end of book 2” was that it’s the end of the S9 arc. I don’t think it has any more implications than that.

The thing is, I was expecting a boss battle and an Interlude Arc. To be fair, the Nine have been a three-Arc-long boss battle of sorts, but I was thinking we’d be seeing another Endbringer attack fairly soon.

But if an Endbringer Arc, followed by an Interlude Arc, were to show up within the next three or so Arcs, people would consider that the end of book 2, not Prey.

(I’m 99% certain more Interlude Arcs will happen at some point. Especially because I have seen how Sentinel looks in the official table of contents.)

I think that Tattletale’s currency with Coil isn’t her *usefulness*, it’s her *trustworthiness*.

Ah, that makes sense.

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