Between 15.5-15.6

It just occurred to me that Wildbow presumably knows about the bullshit titles I’ve been giving his chapters on the Tebble of Constants. At least the early ones.

I’m not sure how to feel about that. :p


To put this ask into context for those of you who aren’t checking the Tebble of Constants after each chapter, this is the title I gave Colony 15.5. Presumably the asker is looking for clarification on why:

It’s in reference to the Norwegian sentence Brian borrowed from Victor, which translates to “Suck your whore mother’s tits”. :p

(And yes, I am very much aware that breastfeeding is not quite what the sentence is talking about.)

The Norwegian in this chapter originally said “Suge på spenene av din tispe mor”, possibly a product of Google Translate. It was like that for over a year until someone in the comments submitted the current version & it was subsequently edited in. The original version is still viewable via Internet Archive.

Ahh, yeah, that’s… significantly less correct. It has machine translation written all over it. Moment of appreciation for the fellow Norwegian-speaker who helped Wildbow fix it! 🙂

Actually, the flaws of machine translation would be kind of fitting if the way Grue’s power borrowing – and the fact that he doesn’t have Victor’s passenger – interacted with stealing languages was a bit different, but that approach would also lead to him saying a very different sentence.

As it stands, Grue seems to have stolen the whole sentence, but have no idea what it actually means, whereas machine translation errors would be more suited if he could steal a rough vocabulary but not the understanding of Norwegian grammar or contextual nuances. In which case Grue would be putting together a sentence of his own, translating word by word from English.

I much prefer what we got, though. 🙂

Skitter’s armor can thank piercing attacks. It’s only because Flechette has a “fuck your armor and fuck your innate resillience” power that Skitter got hurt. I mean that gal shoots Endbringers with crossbow bolts and they stick deep when it’s been noted that even scratching them takes a good amount of power.

Yeah, that became clear once it was mentioned who was attacking. Though I suppose I didn’t make it clear that I remembered what her power did, so… even though I didn’t actually need it, thank you for the reminder. Thought that counts.

“I wouldn’t be any threat to him if he wasn’t doing something morally reprehensible.” I find this line hilarious. Come on, Taylor. That logic could apply to any villain being threatened by any hero.

Heh, yeah, at least under some definitions of “hero” and “villain” that Taylor has discarded by now.

It does lowkey carry the energy of “but he started it by being a big dumb meanie!!”, just without being out of character for Taylor.

Pfft, imagine Worm except the word “villain” is replaced by “meanie” in all cases… you know what, that’s it for asks today so I’m just gonna go make that happen. See you soon!

From Gestation 1.6, about Armsmaster:

He smiled, which I hadn’t expected.  He had a nice smile.  It made me think that he could win the hearts of a lot of women, whatever the top two-thirds of his face looked like.

And then he went and won the heart of a woman who doesn’t even have one.

With recent details on how Eidolon’s power works, it turns out it’s quite a lot like the power idea I came up with back when he was introduced (randomized powers every day). The power picks what you can do and you’ve got to deal with what you’ve got.

There’s one crucial difference, though, that makes Eidolon a top-tier hero where someone with the power I came up with would have trouble making it past Über and Leet tier:

Eidolon says his power decides on what he needs. That’s has a ton of potential; he can do anything that’s necessary as far as the power is concerned (is his power sentient? do the Dandelions decide? the passenger?), he just needs to figure out why he needs it and how to apply it effectively.

Meanwhile, the poor fucker stuck with randomized powers can be up against an Endbringer and only have the abilities to force (with) comparisons, announce (with) offices and situate (with) technology.

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