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If furries is to mammals and scalies is to reptiles, what is to insects?


Worm fans

Y’know, even with my snarky indication that I’d heard it all before in place, I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t gotten any asks about my admission two chapters ago that I don’t like bacon [here].

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i donate blood in the hopes that my blood will overpower theirs and take control of their body so i will gain another vessel to use as my own

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why am I reblogging this?

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it appears my blood has been successful

Pictured: Regent trying a different approach.

Here are all the comments that mentioned the Norwegian in 15.5, both before & after it was changed.

[collection of Worm comments]


“Suge på spenene av din tispe mor?”

Hahaha, as a norwegian I find that sentence utterly hilarious, google translate really screwed you over there. Aside from the grammatical errors, “spene” refers to the udder of a cow and “tispe” only means “female dog” without being an insult (you’d just get a dumbfounded look if you tried using it as one).

I’d suggest replacing it with something alone the lines of “sug puppene til mora di”, or maybe “sug puppene til horemammaen din” if you want to keep the insult.


“Sug puppene til horemammaen din?”

“Go suck yo’ momma’s bitch-tits?” (freely translated for the same effect in English, of course)
Haha, priceless. As a learner of Norwegian, that made me double-take, then smile.

Seems Grue’s power really doesn’t give him enough context for the powers he borrows, and Regent’s ‘body control’ doesn’t limit the expression of mental skills.


>Well, it wasn’t like I was unfamiliar with that idea.

This double negative doesn’t parse well: –> “It wasn’t like I was familiar with that idea.”

>Sug puppene til horemammaen din?

Aaaand that’s the part where I broke down into high-pitched laughter. The first two words, I was like, “What the hell is this?” Then it dawned on me, “Oh, it’s my native language.”

Nice, thanks! 😀

*waves to the other Norwegians in the fandom*

You inspired me to go check…. looks like the word “meanie” doesn’t appear anywhere in any of Widlbow’s works. Closest I found were from other people in the comment sections, mostly calling Wildbow a meanie for excessive fictional character abuse.

Pfft, nice work.

If anyone were to say it, it would probably be Bonesaw. :p

Oh no :(. That philosophy discord invite still worked…I must be getting close to catching up on your live read D:

I posted that after 14.3, so yeah… you are pretty close to catching up, as of the time I’m writing this. I’m guessing I won’t be too many chapters ahead when you catch up to this ask response.

(Though I don’t think the altgen invite will stop working for a long time yet.)

…I know the feeling behind that “Oh no”, by the way. What’s the appeal in catching up to things, really? I suppose there’s taking part in fandoms without fear of spoilers, but that’s pretty much it. And then you’re stuck waiting for more content like everyone else.

Finally caught up! Two weeks of sleepless nights to relive this with ya!

Oh! Hey there. I was right, I really am not too many chapters ahead now. :p

Since you were ruminating on Eidolon’s power selection – do you think the semi-autonomous “need” system is an advantage or disadvantage compared to if he had full conscious control over the selection?

Both, situationally.

On one hand, with full control, he’d be functionally omnipotent, in the sense that if he could think of a solution to a problem, he could pull that solution off. That’s incredibly powerful. But with the power deciding what he needs to be able to do separately from what’s necessary to pull off his ideas, and possibly with the same sort of misguided idea of what’s needed as the Dandelions seem to exhibit (if they have any control over what power someone gets), he can have great ideas but end up not having the power he needs to pull it off right at that moment.

(Granted, he still has a much better chance of having the perfect power for the job than most people, but that’s not the issue here. We’re comparing against an alternate version of him who’s practically a god.)

Conversely, though, if he’s having a hard time coming up with ideas, his powerset in the moment can help him figure out something good, provided he can tell what his powers are before trying to use them. His power provides him with the pieces needed to complete the puzzle, where everyone else has to manually force their pieces to fit.

I can see Atlas sneaking through a window, if Taylor times it with the noise from Ballistic and there is really everybody looking to the discussion. Flechette relies in that moment on the situational awareness of people with no experience and Atlas can evade the strings. It should be equal to Mannequin sneaking in a room where Taylor has an argument with Bitch. While her back is turned and without warning from the bugs, it would work. I am more concerned that there is just randomly a window open


Ballistic’s noise is a fair point, but I do feel that if that’s the case, it should’ve been mentioned on par with the note about the people in the room being focused on Taylor.

I guess a giant beetle just strikes me as significantly less sneaky than Mannequin. There’s also still the matter of sound from large wings or clawsteps (depending on whether or not Atlas actually landed after entering, which isn’t stated) after he entered and placed himself “a few feet” behind Parian. If he was flying, there’s also going to be straight-up wind from those wings flapping, too.

I think you might have missed (or don’t remember, it’s been a long time) one aspect of how the Armsmaster conflict resolved–Tattletale basically offered to keep the situation quiet if they let Skitter go. Letting Armsmaster’s actions become known would have resulted in heroes and villains alike losing confident in the Endbringer Truce, which would have been Very Bad. So they basically kept it secret, even from most PRT members.

You are misrebemmering how much of Armsmaster’s story was broadcast. The undersiders turned it off before any details/names got mentioned and just used the threat of telling everything to everyone to negotiate with the PRT leadership.

Ohhh. Right, that makes sense. Thank you.

(#’misrebemmering’ is a beautiful typo btw)

@ sharks: What’s the reason why you only send asks to krix when he specifically requests them? And have you considered changing the way you handle this? It seems this exact scenario, where krix forgets to request asks from you in time, and then has to delay everything, is happening WAY too often, and should be 100% preventable. Any chance you could just send him the asks before you go to bed whenever he has an ask day scheduled, unless he specifically tells you otherwise?

Sharks: (For now, my reason is that I want to allow the longest possible period for someone to shoot off for asks, and with [Krix] reminding me it’s generally easier on the both of us. I can change this if [Krix] want[s] me to.)

We should probably discuss this a bit behind the scenes. I’m sure we can arrange a compromise here to make it work more smoothly for everyone. 🙂

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