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Hey man, it’s alright if you don’t like bacon, it’s more bacon for me. True there isn’t really a limited supply but good bacon can only be produced so fast you know?

Hah, true. Enjoy your additional bacon! 😉


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“She’s a bwack uwuidow spwider uwu”

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[name omitted]:
Notices unprotected orifices
“OwO what’s this?”

> Dissolves Lung’s fuckin dick
Oopsie Poopsie, Taywow made a wittle accident OwO. Wooks wike it’s Cwiminaw Wawold Time ^w^

Wooopsie, sowwy about youw cwotch. (。O ω O。) I’ww fix you wight up.
*carves out Lung’s fucking eyes*

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widdle cwocky-wocky wants to fweezy-weezy the buggie-wuggies?

hewe, wet taywow bwing them cwosew fow you! ¨¨,w,¨¨

“What’s the appeal in catching up to things, really?” If you time it right, you can catch up just in time for the climax and watch it happen live.


But why?

Honestly, that’s the worst thing, especially if the climax is a multi-parter and you catch up between them. I’ve had that happen to me with Gravity Falls and, more recently, the season 2 finale of Miraculous Ladybug. It sucks, especially with the way some shows’ release frequency start petering out as time goes by.

(There were three months between parts two and three of the Gravity Falls series finale. I fortunately only had to sit through about one of those, if I remember correctly. And don’t get me started on Steven Universe, though at least Cartoon Network has the decency to air mini-arcs of that together before leaving us hanging for half a year.)

I can understand wanting to see the fandom’s reaction in real time with the context (I’m a liveblog and reaction video fan, of course I get this), and to avoid getting spoiled, but beyond those two things I don’t find it appealing.

Although red-headed people have basically been assimilated into the culturally-constructed concept of “white”, they are still very slightly “on-edge” ethnically for historical reasons. It’s very rare, but various forms of anti-redhead discrimination and sentiment do happen. “Ginger” is one of those terms that varies between being neutral and a slur based on intonation.

“I don’t think this is particularly more disrespectful than ‘you there, in the blue sweater’.” In English, “ginger” is seen as somewhat of a slur. Not as bad as a racial slur, and it’s often fine among friends, but I would hesitate to say it to a stranger’s face. The people associated with that characteristic have historically been treated poorly in Great Britain and America. Plus, don’t forget tone, which isn’t indicated in dialog.

Huh. That… provides some context to a recent incident where someone found a “soulless gingers” joke far more offensive than I did. Thank you.

Not only can the kids now see Thestrals, for them Boggarts may now take the form of Leviathan or one of the Nine. The corpses of their loved ones are also possible, but I am imaging Bonesaw or Mannequin stepping out of the wardrobe in Prisoner of Azkaban. And many Brockton Bay residents may now fear spiders more than Ron. I wonder if Taylor could control Spider!Boggart, though Acromantulas may be easier to try.

I kinda doubt the corpse scenario for most of them, but I suppose there are some of them who don’t know for sure what happened to their parents.

So here’s a thing. Would a boggart transformed into a parahuman have that parahuman’s powers? Harry did react to a dementor boggart in much the same way he would to a regular dementor, which I believe is largely tied to the dementor’s ability. Then again, dementor Snape didn’t pull out a wand and start casting spells. (Maybe it couldn’t manifest a real wand, but would be able to cast if given one?)

I think Taylor’s control over a spider boggart depends a lot on one little detail (that also affects the question above): Does the boggart’s magic fall under shapeshifting or illusion? Does it take the form of a spider, or merely look like one? I’m inclined to think the former, and that Taylor would be able to control it, if perhaps imperfectly (like with Atlas).

Acromantulas definitely fall under her control, though.

Keep in mind that differing amounts of comments are going to skew the scroll bar length. After you said that yours was around 45%, I checked on my phone, which doesn’t load comments, and it was around 20%.

Normally this would be the case, and it’s the reason you haven’t gotten this precise of an estimate before, but ShareDVI recently updated their spoiler protection script to hide comments completely rather than include the ones made before the next chapter came out. As such, my scrollbar now ends at the bottom of the chapter, like this:


(It’s a little squished because I use split-screen to liveblog.)

(#i like the little smiley face at the bottom)

Do not worry, Taylor is not the spineless bullied schoolgirl anymore. She can take Bryce’s attitude.

Oh, absolutely. Hell, Sierra’s worried she’s going to more than take it.

As I am sure ten other people are reminding you, the Nine killed Battery. She has been so far the only human character to die after having an Interlude, and as such her death should have been more impactful than any particular one caused by Leviathan (except Brutus?). It may be that it happening ofscreen and being revealed only as a passing remark in Legend’s thoughts (at a moment we are reeling from all the Cauldron revelations) diminishes the tragedy of it and makes it easier to forget.


“For all their horrible deeds, the Nine didn’t actually kill any named characters we really cared about, to my current knowledge. They killed Oni Lee, the Merchants and Trainwreck, but that’s pretty much it.” Don’t forget about Battery.

Oh, right.

They killed one character we really cared about.

Damn, I’m making myself look like a fantastic Battery fan here, forgetting the death of someone I’ve called possibly my favorite then-current Brockton Bay Protectorate member (Miss Militia’s pretty good too).

But yeah, the first asker here is right, I think it does have a lot to do with the way her death was presented.

You seemed surprised that Taylor would continue the take over after freeing Dinah, but it makes sense from her perspective. She sees how well her territory is doing, and wants to help the people in the city, so her ruling the city is the necessary next step, right?

I’m not so much surprised as… intrigued, regarding how she’s going to continue it when Coil has been dealt with. Especially now that she actually does need to deal with him beyond freeing Dinah, because he’s plotting her death.

The thing is, Taylor needs Coil’s resources to keep this going as well as she has. If she gets rid of Coil, where is she going to get all the money and necessities she’s currently getting from him?

Taylor straight up taking over Coil’s empire seems like the best case scenario on this front.

You still have a post tagged wrong, resulting in Sierra responding angrily directly to your end-of-session post.


[screenshot from the blog]

I’ll try to get in a session tomorrow night, but failing that, Thursday morning should also be available. See you soon!

(Between chapters) (Colony 15.7, part 1)

“Don’t you dare,” Sierra said, stalking back into the room. She put down a plastic tote of medical supplies.

Hah! Whoops.

Fixed, thank you. 🙂

(#sierra the liveblog reader)


And this one is my fault.
But I was told to remind you of this [here] after you found out Siberian’s a projection.

[screenshot from the blog]

“Much obliged, Siberian.” Jack said.  “Go.  Have fun.”

Siberian, listen to me. You are not two people, and you are not one person. Yooou… are an experience! Make sure you’re a good experience. Now – go! have! fun!


Pfft! Liveblogger irony strikes again. :p

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