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Maybe describing Wildbow’s ability to make horrible people understandable and human as his biggest strength is something of an exaggeration.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly up there as one of his top three strengths, and he’s really fucking good at it, but his actual biggest strength as a writer is probably his sheer creativity, in every aspect of the story.

Assuming the bugs count as tools, Skitter would be an absolute beast at Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Circus would certainly have an edge in it too.

And anyone who can fly is almost impossible to beat by ring-out.

Purely hypothetically, ignoring the numerous reasons why this shouldn’t happen at all:

Out of the characters I’m familiar with, whom do you think I should play in a fully cast audiobook or cartoon of Worm?

(If you’d like a reminder of what my voice is like before you answer, check out either of my YouTube channels. But answers that don’t actually take my voice into account are also valid. 😛)


Browbeat’s death wasn’t the only recent retcon. Several chapters were also updated to clarify that due to lack of functional plumbing after the Leviathan attack, the Merchants simply relieved themselves on the floor and relied on Scrub to vanish the evidence.


Coddamn it, J.K. Wildbow!

(But hey, at least Wildbow would be able to actually edit the source material to reflect this…)

Since you mentioned looking at the table of contents briefly… did you notice that this arc’s interludes are 15.x, 15.y, 15.z, and then… another 15.x?

No, I didn’t scroll down far enough to see 15.z, and if I’d scrolled down to the second 15.x, I would’ve gotten spoiled.

That’s pretty funny, though. 😛

“Is that a real thing?” It is. It’s a liability thing: if you turn out to be just slightly too weak to walk and fall and break something, the hospital is likely to get sued. Until you’re out the door, they’re responsible for you.

Ahh. And since the PRT hospital is on-site, they’re probably under the PRT anyway, so getting sued is less likely.

Miss Militia argued against breaking the rules, to upheld the ideals of the Protectorate, but as soon Piggot presented Defiant, who did Birdcage-worthy crimes and is clearly a violation against Protectorate values, she said nothing? I think maybe over time as a hero her loyalty shifted from the ideals of the wider Protectorate to a more simple obedience to the local PRT.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I got the sense that she sees obedience to the local PRT as an important part of the Protectorate values and a key element for the Protectorate to be able to do their job without trouble.

As long as the modifications did not affect his personality (everything which makes him him), I don’t think cyborgification is in any way monstrous. Armsmaster may have many flaws, but the desire to have a more efficient body is not one of them. Triumph’s thoughts implied Armsmater did this because he is a bad person, which is unrelated. Hell, I would give an arm (heh) for an implant which lets me get a full nights sleep in 15 minutes.

Yeah, I agree with this. Triumph and Vista seemed to have very visceral reactions to something that to me seems relatively reasonable, as long as it’s not taken to Mannequin’s extremes.

If Armsmaster turned himself into a monster, it was in Extermination.

Do you really believe that ridiculous “Defiant is Armsmaster” theory? Just because they’re both smart and strong and cool and handsome, that doesn’t prove they’re the same person. Are you sure that your brain-meat is not in need of defragmentation?

Counterpoint: Have you ever seen Armsmaster and Defiant in the same place? No? Didn’t think so.

In other news, Brian is secretly Sparky.

Can I just say how nice it is that someone actually stuck with their guns on the moving a blog off tumblr thing? Everyone else I follow complained a lot and then did nothing. Thanks for the show of principles, Krix!

I’m not sure how to respond to this… Uh, you’re welcome?

But yeah, I found it to be a necessity. The NSFW ban wasn’t the killing blow, and I didn’t expect it to be, but Tumblr’s clearly going downhill and I don’t know how much longer it’ll survive.

Plus, after December 17th, I couldn’t trust Tumblr to keep my posts around – case in point, a few posts were deleted without me having any opportunity to appeal via the interface they eventually put in place – for a blog where almost every post mattered.

I couldn’t trust Tumblr to be a semi-functional platform for my blog anymore, so it was time to leave.

Re Interlude 15d and ” I haven’t really commented on them because they don’t really mean anything obvious to me”, all of Dragon’s mech names have a thematic connection to dragons, Sometimes it’s a very loose one, like Uther Pendragon, and sometimes it’s very direct, like the greek dragon Ladon.

Ahh, that’s neat. 🙂

I think Uther is the one I’d be most likely to get if I’d thought about it more.

Hey, FYI, people have begun posting (implicit) spoilers in your comments. It’s not necessarily a problem because I know you don’t read them, and they’re actually quite interesting comments from a post-reading-Worm perspective. Just keeping you posted because I think you implied earlier that you wanted to know how the situation with spoiler comments was going.

Nice, thank you. 🙂

Part of my rationale for allowing comments is to give you guys somewhere on-site to talk freely about my bloggings if you want.

It’s not that I don’t want you talking about them elsewhere, like Reddit or Worm-related Discord servers, but I figure not all of you are going to be active in those places, and having a centralized forum of discussion shouldn’t hurt.

lonsheep has always struck me as among the best for character portraits, and this is no exception. I love the layout, colors and details, and the characters look almost exactly like I picture them.

Nice work!

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