Between: 16.3

So I just woke up from a dream where Director Piggot was canonically the Wormverse counterpart to Pinkie Pie.

For anyone who isn’t terribly familiar with the latter, I’d like to note that they have absolutely nothing in common. Seriously, I can’t think of a single shared trait that isn’t, like, anatomical stuff that most ponies have in common with most humans (such as “they both have two eyes”), or the fact that they’re both female.

Also, Pinkie Piggot was apparently getting married at like 11 PM, though the dream ended when she had to go across town (to a café that had featured earlier in the dream) for a toilet break first. Judging by her path, I think the town was my hometown and the café was in the location of a real restaurant we have here.

Also, I spent a larger part of the dream from the perspective of someone I think was supposed to be Twilight Sparkle, though if I’m not mistaken, her family – who were going to bed, not attending Pinkie Piggot’s wedding – was represented by the McElroy brothers and their dad (at least at one point). Whoever my POV character was, they seemed to know Piggot primarily as Piggot – though they also seemed to be familiar with pony Pinkie Pie in some way – and was surprised to discover Piggot was the Wormverse Pinkie Pie.

Can’t blame ’em.

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