Between (part 2): PB2

If you like the trope of characters who can’t lie, you might want to check out Pact at some point. All magic users and most magical creatures are forbidden from lying (hopefully that’s minor enough not to count as a spoiler, because it’s literally one of the first things you learn about the magic system in Arc 1). Obviously this does NOT mean that you can trust them not to trick you with half-truths and clever wordings.

Oh hell yes.

That last part is a big part of what I like about the trope. The thing about some of the major examples I know of this is that they are arguably less trustworthy than they would be if they could lie because of their habits of twisting the truth to their purposes.

Hell, one of them isn’t actually restricted from lying, but chooses not to because he finds that kind of manipulation and trickery more satisfying.

And in the group that makes up the other one, the secretly evil ones (which are by far not the only ones with antagonistic roles) have found a way to get rid of the restriction, meaning they can lie and – because most people don’t know they’re evil and have been unbound from the Oaths – expect everyone to believe at least the literal truth of their words.

You said the Eris fic had Homestucky elements? I feel silly needing to ask but what specifically are you referring to?

By the end of the ficlet, Eris and Potence’s relationship started feeling distinctly like a budding kismesissitude to me… who knows if it’ll pan out as one, though, and at this stage my interpretation is not the only valid one.

Possible the slowdown is caused by less immediate feedback? You’ve changed from “post things as you write them” to “batch up an entire post all at once”, and I can imagine that causing some changes to the post schedule. Might be worth just editing a public post in-place as you keep reading?

I get what you’re saying, but considering I didn’t usually receive asks until after I’d finish a chapter before either, I’m not sure the feedback actually got less immediate in any significant way…? Hmm.

Editing a public post is not a terrible idea, but it does raise concerns about update visibility.

If Skitter considers religious factors re-bug-eating it’ll be the benefit of any jewish/islamic followers of hers. Most forms of Christianity holds that the diatory laws of the old testement are no longer in effect having been superseeded by Jesus either generally by the new covenant or specifically during that encounter with the pharisees where he said that you become unclean due to what exit your mouth rather than what enters it. (see also the long tradition of Christians eating pig meat).

Ah, right. Fair enough!



|          R E A


Hingmon? How did you know that was my favorite digimon?


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