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In the vast world of comics, I wonder if there have been heroes with a “Groundhog Day,” type power. By that I specifically mean a hero who, if they die, immediately finds themselves waking up at the beginning of that day again. If they don’t die, they just continue forward through time.

I’m just thinking of how crazy it would be to have that hero on your super hero team. Like, you go to headquarters in the morning, and it seems like everything’s normal. But then you go to fire off a one liner, and they say it at the same time as you. And suddenly you know. Something went wrong.

And then one day you come in, and your heart drops as you see that their every move looks rehearsed. They answer questions before asked. They are totally aware of everything that’s about to happen. Imagine how scary that would be, realizing you’re starting a day that you’re team mate has failed to survive maybe dozens of times.

[reblog] wizardstan:

Sometimes he’ll walk up to you and just slap your sandwich out of your hand and say “don’t eat that” and you’re thinking, damn, what did that sandwich do to me? This was actually still the first time through the day, he just wanted to mess with you.

This is a cool power.

Another dark thing to consider about it: In the event of a failure that doesn’t kill him, a particularly determined hero with this power might seek out death anyway in order to reset the day and try again.

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