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Somehow a chat about custom hug emotes turned into me thinking about which MLP:FiM characters Amy Dallon would like most.

I have a few main suspects, mostly based on whom Amy might relate to:

(MLP spoilers ahead)

  • Scootaloo: The one who got me thinking about it. Amy might not be into Scoot’s enthusiasm and optimism, but she might relate to the whole “close relationship with an adopted sister” thing Scootaloo has going with Rainbow Dash. (Though I do realize being sisters was part of the problem for Amy, not the goal.) Scootaloo also has a disability from birth – she’s a pegasus who can’t fly due to a genetic defect, and I think Amy can relate to her genes denying her the life she wants.
  • Starlight Glimmer: Honestly I just think Amy would like her snark, but Starlight does also have a history of lashing out when she feels wronged, and of deep-seated issues relating to someone she cared about going away. She also has a father who treats her like she’s still his little filly.
  • (One of my own OCs, Enterprise, accidentally turned into a fusion of Scootaloo and Starlight because they’re some of my favorites, so perhaps I’m heavily biased. I do think Amy would relate to Enterprise as well, though.)
  • Sunset Shimmer would be even better on the snark front, though she lacks the other parallels.
  • Ocellus: Born into evil and then reformed alongside almost her entire race. Has some fears of still being evil deep down, as well as other identity issues. She’s a bit more timid than Amy, though.
  • Applejack: Very down-to-earth and honest, but stubborn. Huge focus on family, including her relationship with her siblings. Probably Amy’s favorite of the Mane Six if not overall.
  • Fluttershy: Starts out timid and controlled by fear, but becomes fierce under certain circumstances and as the series goes on.

Gung “vapburerag aneengvba” pbzzrag vf tbvat gb or fb eryrinag va svir lrnef be fb.

This one came with the biggest DO NOT TRANSLATE yet, so I assume it’s big spoilers.

You guys can go translate it here though.


Since you seem to have a bit of a musical bent, I suggest “Savage Side of Me” by Miracle of Sound as Taylor’s theme. Take a look at the refrain: “And I won’t back down. There’s a darker shade of courage in the strength I’ve found. And it’s letting loose the savage side of me.” Appropriate for her transformation from bullied teen to criminal leader. It also has lines about a monsoon (hi, Leviathan!) and several other highly appropriate verses. The song’s on youtube, if you’re curious.

Oh hell yes, you’re so right, these lyrics fit her so damn well! The entire song, not just the refrain.

It’s interesting comparing your experience skipping the text parts of K6BD to mine reading them. They add a lot of interesting atmosphere and background but they slow the pace down a lot. They do also leave you pretty confused from time to time when the alt text references them instead of the comic itself. You might consider at least glancing at the text and reading it if it’s just a note and not a full story?

I do want to read the comic descriptions at some point, but for liveblogging, I’d like to focus on the comic proper and let the comic proper establish its lore in-comic at the pace that brings. I’ll probably do a non-liveblog reread of the comic when I catch up and read the descriptions while doing so, and get back to you on anything I find particularly noteworthy.

Part of it is the pace thing. As you mention, they’d slow the pace down, and the thing is liveblogging already slows me down considerably. Getting through a chapter of K6BD tends to take me about 5-7 hours as it is without stopping to read all the extra stuff.

The stories, like Prim and Aesma, are a bit different. Those I do want to read, but they’re… quite frankly a matter of procrastination and forgetfulness at this point. I definitely want to read Aesma’s story, but I keep forgetting to actually go and do it when I have time.

Maybe if the patron agrees, I could group those up for full blogging instead of the comic proper at some point, but ultimately that’s up to him.

The word “Ingenue” means “an innocent or unsophisticated young woman, especially in a play or film”. Not sure what that has to do with tinkers.

I’m not sure if this is a linguistic issue, but an ingenue has nothing to do with intelligence, it’s actually a word for a talented young woman, particularly in showbusiness.

Ahh, I should’ve searched for it in a dictionary instead of Wikipedia, got it.

The vague connection I was thinking of to tinkers is through the word “ingenuity”.

Another cool fanart for Krix would be the one of Panacea as “The Stars”. Related trivia: Wildbow made a sheet of major Worm characters as the Arcana (which inspired the mentioned fanart). Krix probably doesn’t want to look at that before finishing Worm though, as it has spoilers for why several characters are assigned their Arcana.

That’s pretty cool!

Let’s take a look at that card…


So apparently that water represents the water of life, which is relevant enough, but…

[Dark Tarot description]

The card of The Star is undoubtedly positive.
We must be optimistic because the stars are on our side and shining down on us benevolently.
We have the blessing of the heavens and the stars to illuminate our path.
An abundance of ideas and favorable circumstances.
This card has a positive influence on the cards around it and on the situations they refer to.
The Star does not necessarily indicate material success in a specific action, but rather that we will find joy, good spirits, and feel gratified and content.
Everything is in place to guarantee our happiness.


It wasn’t upside down or something, was it? Because absolutely none of that sounds like Amy to me, even before everything went to shit.

…okay, with the more in-depth description on BiddyTarot I can kinda see it.

My vote for the look at Face is that you delay it until you’re back at a decent pace with the chapters. I hate to complain about something you’re not being paid for, but these 2 chapter months are killing me. Oh, and the definition of “ingenue” is “an innocent or unsophisticated young woman, especially in a play or film.”

Face is pretty good and I enjoyed it, but keep in mind that it does not have a satisfying ending in any way. Imagine if Worm just kinda stopped after a few chapters. Also, there’s rumors that Wildbow plans to turn Face into a short novel, possibly after Worm 2: Island of the Worm, so maybe it’s worth not spoiling yourself on it . . . but also, that might never happen. Personally, I’d suggest at least waiting until K6BD is done, just to keep up Worm momentum. . . . Wormentum.

I feel like maybe I wasn’t clear enough: The idea the patron and I were proposing was to delay Face until I caught up with K6BD. It wouldn’t impact my Wormentum any more than K6BD being a little bit longer would.

I’m fine with waiting for the more I’m depth Face chapter liveblog.

re Face: Go ahead and get paid for it it will be the same thing either way when you get to it.

The Face idea sounds great and your Patreon person seems really cool. Sincerely, somebody else.

Sharks: :thonk:

It sounds like everyone who cared enough to answer is fine with the idea of doing Face when I catch up on K6BD, so unless something changes, that’ll be the plan!

“Do not use grenades. I assure you it does not work out the way you imagine it will.” — so this probably means Coil already tried grenades in a doomed timeline. How do you think it went down?

Very poorly. Skitter has already proven capable of dealing with grenadiers, catching the grenades and throwing them back/away.

This other ask puts it very well:

Not only was the deathtrap very elaborate, Coil must have used his powers the whole time (especially notable how he warned not to use grenades, meaning he and his soldiers probably died a bunch of times when she threw them back like she did in the fight against Night). This means out of a wide range of possibilities, this is the worst possible outcome for Taylor. She still managed to survive and flee, with is a testament to her skills.

It really is. The entire situation was Taylor… uh, tailor-made to fuck her over, by a guy who introduced his power as “controlling destiny” without entirely exaggerating.

When/if you finally start reading Ward, you’ll be able to play a game of “Which chapter was I liveblogging when this Ward chapter was first released?

Ooh, yeah, that’ll be fun!

The next Skitter meme: Someone once thought of using grenades on Skitter. He thought twice. (16.11)


For purposes of the Overlord rules, I think it’s important to remember that Coil can both leave for safety and stay to observe at the same time. I’m willing to be he only retreated in one timeline, that just happens to be the one we see because the other one went bad. I have similar headcanons for the rest of the fight. Don’t use grenades/Skitter got him. Don’t give orders for a long time/they made it worse. Drove away instead of staying/Skitter got him. I think Skitter got him a lot that day.

That is a very fair point!

201. If the hero gets me, I will pick a different reality to proceed in.

On the subject of Lisa’s current whereabouts, it might be worth rereading the end of 16.10. Specifically the paragraph starting with “I have a healthy respect for paranoia”.

Oh, right:

“I have a healthy respect for paranoia, Skitter.  Go.  Tattletale, could I borrow a few minutes of your time?  The Travelers grow anxious, and you can offer some more answers about Noelle’s situation.”

Tattletale turned our way, “Your call, guys.”

“Take Regent and Shatterbird with you,” Grue said.

That’s what she was up to.

…let’s hope he didn’t have her locked in with Noelle.

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