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K6BD patron comments

1. In Mottom’s dramatic introductory pose in book 2 chapter 4, she was introduced as “bearer of the word Glory” and this word was subsequently repeated a number of times. What “words” do you think would be appropriate for the other six?


I’m thinking these “words” relate to traditional godly qualities, words that name Yisun. Let’s see what I can think of for the others:

  • Mammon: Power
  • Incubus: Beauty
  • Jagganoth: Strength
  • Gog-Agog: Spiders
  • Jadis: Love?
  • Solomon: Wisdom
  • Ys-Voya: B-b-b-bird bird bird, b-bird’s the word

2. Assuming the other six don’t all also have magic husband corpse trees, how do you think they handle the immortality thing?

Oooh, good question.

Maybe Incubus drains life energy through sexytimes (what? I told you I like changelings)… Gog-Agog seems to have turned herself into an arthropod hivemind who doesn’t die even to a killing spell… maybe someone found a rock slab with bedposts and mysterious iconography on it? Mammon could probably bribe the reaper…

3. You called out Zoss’s title drop but since you didn’t explicitly mention it, did you notice he claimed title drop honors in two consecutive books? Do you expect this to continue and how do you think it might go for the next book?

Hah, he did, didn’t he.

Oy, Zoss, quit hogging the title drops! 😛

Seriously, though, this seems like a fun trend if it continues. Maybe we’ll get to have Zoss check-ins each book, where he advices Allison on her path to royalty… I do kind of want to know if he was physically there last book, and why. We’ll have to see.

As for how it might go next time, he’d have every reason to refer to Allison as a Seeker of Thrones.

Hm. What if that title also refers to some trait of Mammon’s?

4. Since you didn’t explicitly mention it, I’m not sure if you remembered: in book 2 chapter 4, Mottom actually said where Zaid was: “Mammon has him imprisoned in the Treasure Fortress of Yre by very tenuous agreement.” So that may give additional context to the book 3 cover.

I did remember that she said where he was (the “search” I mentioned was more in the vein of trying to find him there), but I didn’t remember where that was.

A Treasure Fortress definitely sounds like the place depicted on the book 3 cover, so yeah, that does provide a lot of context. I suppose “Smaug” is Mammon, then.

…who was described as “the Grand Dragon”. Nice.

5. I think I mentioned this at the start of book 2, but Cio’s red-masked “ex-boyfriend” (who appears on both the book 2 & 3 covers) is one of the only characters to make it over from the forum comic, albeit from later in the thread so only pieces have been recovered.

Yeah, you did mention that, though I did forget which character you said it about. It seems reasonable to assume that Pi’ipiesi will be relevant beyond just giving us a window into Ciocie’s backstory.

6. Observation: book 2 didn’t have a single scene set in Throne.

I think the setting of the first White Chain scene was the Concordance of Angels, which is in Throne? But it’s on the outskirts, not in the midst of the city proper.


Ooh, looking back at the map, though, I see that Mammon’s priest court is referred to as Yre. So assuming that’s the same as the Treasure Fortress, we’re going back to Throne in book 3, then.

I don’t want to flood you with fan works but there’s one older one I saw recently that I think you would get a kick out of — it’s a little 20-second fan animation thing. You can see it on either Deviant Art or Tumblr as you prefer; either should be safe but don’t look at the related images obviously (also what the hell is this new Deviant Art layout)

Hey Zoss, I think you dropped something.

Fun stuff! Now they’ve got me picturing a whole anime opening theme for the series.

K6BD ask

“And that’s the end. I assume this stopping point was chosen because after this it gets a bit too deep into the story and potentially spoilery.” Honestly, I just couldn’t find page 7 on the Wayback Machine. All I see after 6 are 11, 13, 18, 31 (partial), and 33 (after the reboot). I actually don’t know if the fanventure has any spoilers for the rebooted comic at all, though I see a vague Yisun reference on one of the later pages.

This is a real shame. Even though we still have the rebooted comic, it would’ve been good to have the original, both for the sake of the work’s value in its own right and for historical purposes.

Worm/misc asks

Migration? But didn’t you already have a Migration arc?

It seems I was a little premature 😛

When the Migration arc started there was a comment from Wildbow that it might be useful to be aware of: “For those who aren’t in the know – this week is the release of the bonus arc paid for with donations way back in September or something. The last few arcs took longer than I anticipated (and we hit the target amount for donations quickly) so yeah. A bit late in coming, but here it is. There’ll be, barring exceptional circumstance, a chapter a day until next Tuesday.”

Oh, interesting. It’s worth noting that Wildbow has proven before that he can take this kind of pressure and still pump out excellent chapters (11h, anyone?), so I’m not worried about it affecting quality.

“The last few arcs took longer than I anticipated” — mood

16.13 was a pretty major turning point in the story. Coil was one of the most significant antagonists to date, and was directly or indirectly behind a lot of what happened in the story, going all the way back to Arc 1. Saving Dinah was Taylor’s primary motivation for much of the story. Beyond the obvious conflict that the end of 16.13 set up, do you have any long term speculations as to how the rest of the story is going to play out, now that these plot points have finally been resolved?

The biggest remaining plot threads are Cauldron and Project Terminus, Jack and the end of the world (possibly via Theo), and the continued rise of the Undersiders. I’m thinking the Undersiders will find out about some of Cauldron’s more nefarious activities in not too long and possibly take it upon themselves to do something about it. Perhaps they’ll be wrapped up in Cauldron’s schemes in the wake of Coil’s failure to do whatever they needed?

If Migration doesn’t imply we’re leaving the wreckage of Brockton Bay behind (to go find some coddamn characters after the Undersiders chased all the parahumans out), there’s also the territories and the Undersiders attempting to run them without Coil’s support, though I kind of think only Bitch and Skitter really care much about that.

The Tumblr link to the new Twig Liveblog is broken.

The K6BD patron alerted me to that in-between sessions of the K6BD blog, so it had already been fixed by the time I got this ask, but thank you nonetheless. 🙂

The correct link is here.

What makes you think that Noelle’s power could be an invisible alternate form? I get why you think it could be an alternate form, but why invisible? I’m curious about your thought process.

Honestly? “It would be cool.”

To be clear, I was picturing the alternate form being invisible on top of her regular self, so you’d see her standing there while the invisible monster around her tore through everything. I think I was tapping into the way this hypothetical form has yet to be seen and there’s been a sort of juxtaposition of how innocent and non-threatening she appears and how she’s being treated as extremely dangerous, and picturing her perhaps still looking just as much the innocent girl while at her most dangerous.

There might also be some subconscious influence from the anime Elfen Lied (NSFW warning if you look it up), which I watched a long time ago. Part of the premise is a race of super deadly beings who appear like innocent girls but can tear people apart with long invisible arms.

untitled goose game, but with skitter. untitled skitter game

Now, now, let’s be real, the Goose would be Regent.

“Worm theres no superpowers and it’s just high school” by BenswFrenefits. (Censored Armsmaster’s last name because can’t remember if you know it.)



Label: Bag of oregano for cooking club
Lisa: Yooooooooo I didn’t know you partied! Let’s hang out!

Taylor: Mr. [censored], I know that you’re on your break, but one of the delinquents approached [hidden]orning and asked me to [hidden] out with t[hidden]ble to infiltrate their group [hidden]e able [hidden] been smoking i[hidden]oms al[hidden]hool. I know yo[hidden]omotion coming up.
Colin Censored: Fine. Whatever.

Narration: One week later…

[lyrics to “Welcome to the Black Parade” in the background]

This is precisely what happened.

(Also, you were right to censor his name. All I know is that it has six letters.)


All pieces by Serellia.

I like this art style a lot! The design for Rachel in particular is very interesting (in a good way), and that Glory Girl piece would definitely get Amy’s blood pumping.

What’s the ship name for Rachel and Taylor? The best I can come up with is “Skitch”.

…AU where Taylor and Rachel are Case 53s dropped off on Hawaii.

[tumblr post sent in as a submission] thefearofcod:

Stop making fun of the Undersiders!

Skitter is ORGANIZED


Tattletale is INTELLIGENT

Bitch is LOYAL



Ahaha 😛

I know this is a meme, and a good one, but I think if something were to go in the Regent slot, it should be PERCEPTIVE. In the way a stand-up comedian has to be.

Also, I like the source’s URL. 😉

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