Between: 17.3

It just occurred to me that given that I know Wildbow has read at least parts of my blog, it’s a very real possibility that he’s seen my mostly pretty bad suggestions for alternate Undersider names from back in Extermination.

If he did, I wonder what he thought of my suggestion for Tattletale, “Nevermore”. I’m not saying it’s better than what we actually got, by any means, but I’m still kind of proud of that one.

I realized the other day that the Simurgh dropping monsters on the city fits perfectly with the custom Minecraft boss I named after it a long time ago, which every so often copies a random hostile mob from the world around it and drops the copy from where it’s flying.

Maybe I should add an ability to it where it periodically makes a sharp sound that inflicts the Nausea effect on any player within range.

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