Between: 17.7

So I ended up rewatching My Little Pony: The Movie (2018) with some friends, and at one point I found myself going “well, that moment needs to go on my blog”…

“Who puts eyeballs in filling thighs?”

I choose to believe the character in the lower right corner of this panel (from the Flash comics, I think) is Ballistic.

Because of a tiny slip (involving a meme I’d already seen with the names censored being sent with both names uncensored now that I know the more important one), I now know the Number Dude’s first name is Kurt.

Since his identity doesn’t seem likely to become a big mystery like Coil’s, that’s probably about as small as spoilers get, though it does imply we’ll be learning more about him down the line. I’m down for that.

Timothée Chalamet as Regent, anyone? I know he’s a fair bit older than Alec, but older actors play teens all the time so it could still work.


Since Krixwell was introduced to the meme of “everything is a Simurgh plot” in Between: 17.5, here’s one for that category. Consider these passages about Siberian/William Manton: In Prey 14.7 we find out he has a tattoo of a swan on his right hand. In Interlude 14.5 (Legend’s) the Triumvirate discuss this tattoo in relation to Mannequin, but say there are no records of Manton in any of the quarantined areas. And in 17.6 we find out that people under Simurgh quarantine must get a tattoo to leave.

Huh. That’s very interesting!

“Can… Can I give it to both? Can they share it?” the boy with the glowing hair asked. Skidmark chuckled, and it was a nasty sound with very little humor to it. “No, no. You definitely don’t want to do that. Pick one.” – Infestation 11.6

Yeah, when Skidmark is more diligent about his research before feeding powerful substances to people, you might be doing something wrong.

Not sure if this is a “me” problem but the new in-between is showing an error for me so I dunno if you wanna let Krix know about that

The newest ask page is 404’ing in the U.S. at 2:19PM CST

Thank you to everyone who reported this issue through me, whether it was through Discord, Patreon, Twitter or asks. I don’t know what happened but WordPress support seemed to get it under control thanks to all of you.

I wouldn’t have known without your reports, since the issue wasn’t affecting Norway.

Hello, have you heard the good news that mechanical keyboards exist and can save you from all your keyboard-related tribulations and sins? I promise we’re not a cult.

The third keyboard was an old mechanical one. Nothing wrong with that one, really, it was just kind of impractical to have a wired keyboard with a laptop computer, because I either had to put the screen too far away or have the mechanical keyboard awkwardly lying on top of my laptop keyboard (occasionally pressing the power button, even).

My newest setup fixes that by replacing my laptop screen with two larger screens and removing the wire limitation on the keyboard.

K isn’t *the* prefix in the states, we also have W. (It is used for the eastern third, which also happens to be where Brockton Bay would be).

Huh. Wasn’t aware that that whole thing applied to ham radio too. Fair enough.

Over here regular public radio channels don’t use their callsigns, but I don’t know, maybe they do have them anyway?



Points for creativity. F indeed.

sneaky Worm reference in Slay The Spire.


Heh, this is a nice little shoutout.


Vestige (noun) – a trace of something that no longer exists. The Vestige formula likely interacts with the past, particularly the recent past. Cody isn’t rewinding the target so much as teleporting their past self, a vestige of their previous self, forward in time in place of the current version.

Ooh, yeah, that does make a bit of sense. Thank you. 🙂

I’m not surprised you forgot considering how long ago it was, but we learned that Krouse’s power swaps position but not orientation back in Sentinel.|Would you be interested in hearing some examples of what powers WoG says Vestige can give?

Oh, huh.

I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing that WoG but ultimately it’s up to Sharks whether or not I should.

I want tacos

Who doesn’t, really?

(says the guy who is in the minority about bacon)

On vial names, remember Battery’s interlude? Vials don’t get the same results every time, so the name is probably more of a general theme that may not fit the power the consumers gets. A vestige is a trace of something lost, a ruin, remains, so the name is probably related to the fact that it gives time powers. Likewise, Robin makes people think of the bird, but maybe it’s for Robin Hood because it gives people blaster powers.

Yeah, I did remember that the names are vague themes. If I didn’t, I might’ve ended up trying harder to deduce Noelle and Cody’s powers directly from their vials’ names.

I did think of both the bird and Robin Hood (and Batman’s various Robins) but failed to connect either to the power. But I guess you can connect blaster powers to Robin Hood’s archery? That feels like a stretch even for me, but what do I know.

You mention the possibility of a Simurgh interlude, but what if, like, from a certain point of view, every interlude is a Simurgh interlude? [insert philosoraptor here]

Interlude 3 in particular is suspicious on that front…

Good timing on this.



…I wonder if “simurgh” was in its dictionary. Probably going to have passed that a good while ago if it was, though. Lots of T words in-between.

The Simurgh can have a little interlude. As a treat.

Who’s a good eldritch being hellbent on the destruction of humanity? 🙂

And finally a few messages from Sharks:

Sharks: Sbe gur naba jub fnvq gung Xevk unf frra Byvire’f cbjre nyernql – nf sne nf V pna gryy, ur unfa’g? V’q ybir vg vs lbh pbhyq cebivqr n zber rkcyvpvg rknzcyr.

(translate here)

Sharks: Tell the anon who sent in a picture that the image was deleted.

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