Between: 18.2

I think I might have found out the title of the Pact sequel? (I backed out of the channel before I could confirm, since I want to avoid Pact spoilers.) If I’m right, I do find it a little amusing to see Wildbow of all authors titling a story Poof.

Sprite-0017 High Ground

Oh, looks like the Pact sequel might actually be called Pale. That sounds more like a Wildbow title, yeah.

Fun thing about pixel art: A tiny change can have a huge impact on the end result. At one point in the making of that image above, Lung’s mask looked like this:


(so rather close to its final appearance)

…and I went: “hey, maybe I should try slanting the eyes to imply the slightly curved ones you see on real dragon masks”


“whoops that’s a llama”

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