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Continued bad luck with YouTube videos getting taken down right before you get to them but here’s a mirror:

(The bonus text on that page clarifies that even though it looks like a beam it’s actually a close-range fist attack.)


(On the topic of ONE’s works, my buddy Loreweaver just started blogging Mob Psycho, so head over to his blog if you’re interested in that!)

Asks and art

Do you have an update schedule?

No. My very nature eschews the concept of time.

(as an australian) anything below 30°C is bad weather and i will absolutely fight you on that. otherwise am really jealous 😦

Sharks, as a fellow Aussie, has expressed similar opinions when the subject of temperature has come up, so I’m honestly half-surprised this ask didn’t come with a “they’re right and they should say it” note. :p

I tried out the power generator and got “Your name is Shark, and you can mockingly turn Krixwells into tenderness using makeshift sticks at sight range, and that’s cool. However, you gradually become a grape. 🐸🏛”


So “Krixwell” and a couple other relevant words all have a hardcoded 1/404 chance of popping out whenever their relevant parts of speech are called for (except when it specifically calls for an abstract noun or a creature), but “shark” is just in there as a concrete noun and animal from the website’s built-in generators.

The fact that I didn’t specifically add that just makes it even funnier to me that you got that particular word as a name (i.e. the only place it would be capitalized) in a powerset that triggered the Krixwell easter egg.

But also, please stop tenderizing me with your sticks…

by glowspiders

Jemily Piggot: I hate capes.

Jemily Piggot: I can’t fathom what I’d do with all that power. What about you, Thomas?

Thomas Calvert: Oh, I don’t know, Emily. Kidnap child thinkers and trick them into substance abuse so they’re forced to foolproof my evil schemes. Normal stuff like that.

Ahaha, sounds like a plan to me!

Why do I have a feeling I’ve seen the Nilbog creatures in panel 1 somewhere before? Are their designs references to something?

someone just suggested that Coil looks like “Mr. Burns in a skintight suit” and now I can’t get over it 😂

Yeah that’s
pretty much been my impression the whole time

yeah but once pointed out it’s 😂

Yeah 😜

(To be fair, I never put it into such eloquent words.)

The power generator has been updated to version 1.1.0.


  • Changed the url to
  • Flipped the weighting mechanisms for the 1/404s.
  • Fix: The probability of getting “Krixwell” from [noun] was off because another option for [noun] made a call to [concretenoun], which had its own 1/404 chance of yielding “Krixwell”. I worked around it by adding a second [concretenoun2] category for [noun] and [concretenoun] alike to call to when they don’t pick an abstract noun or “Krixwell”.
  • As a consequence, “Krixwells” plural should no longer come out of a call to [noun].
  • Added power flaw referring to Kryptonite-like items.
  • Changed “refuel” to “recharge”.
  • Figured out I could randomize a couple other aspects of the page.

One thought on “Between: PB15

  1. “Your name is Faithful, and you randomly create rings at melee range, and that’s cool. 🙀 ⚓️”

    This one actually makes some sense. I’m somewhat surprised, let’s see if this continues.

    “Your name is Pasta, and you can calmly do stuff, and that’s cool. However, you are afraid of fingers. 🌵 4️⃣”

    “Do stuff” is an underrated power honestly. I guess this one makes sense too. Don’t eat pasta with your hands!

    “Your name is Suit, and you can loftily turn bustling swans into milks when you hop your jersey at throw range, and that’s cool. However, you gradually become surprised. 🏅”

    Ah! There it is!


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