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Okay, before I go on to today’s asks, there’s something I need to address, because it has come up on Discord twice now in just a couple of days:

You do not need a Tumblr account to send me asks.

Some people have apparently been using Discord to try to contact Sharks or me that way just so they didn’t have to go through the Tumblr registration form, but while the aversion to registrations is a mood and a half*, it’s completely unnecessary. Tumblr allows you to send anon asks without logging in, and all asks end up anon on my end anyway (unless you specifically say who you are or give Sharks some reason to mention the name), so the only reasons you’d need an account would be if you wanted Sharks to be able to privately respond to the ask.

Also, maybe to submit fanart in image form. I’m not actually sure whether you can do that without logging in? Though I do know sometimes submissions come with email addresses instead of usernames, so perhaps you can. Failing that, links are an option (though you need to blank out the dots).

I have been thinking about setting up a form on the site that would send the asks to a dedicated e-mail address instead of going via Tumblr, but we’ll see if and when that happens. I’m not sure how well suited that is for the inclusion of images, so some testing is in order.

(*: …says the guy who once registered to a furry porn site just for the sake of making a shitpost about a bathtub, only to find the site’s moderation practices made it theoretically impossible to do it the way he intended, so the account went forever unused.)


Cynaf sbe gur qryrgrq vagreyhqr? Jvyy vgf rkvfgrapr or zragvbarq?

Sharks: Gb or pyrne, lbh qba’g arrq gb rapbqr nfxf vagb Ebg13. Xevk qbrfa’g frr gur oybt ng nyy. Nyfb, nf sbe gur gbcvp bs gur nfx, lrf. V jvyy fubj Xevk gur qryrgrq vagreyhqr, ng gur gvzr jurer vg jbhyq unir anghenyyl nccrnerq va gur fgbel.

Translate here.

The reversion of the spatial distortion that compromised the structural integrity of the building isn’t going to uncollapse the building.

The building, sure. The building wasn’t the only obstacle, though, and it wasn’t the work of the Draconia Blaze I was talking about:


The van had to take a detour, given the three sections of road that had been raised as barriers and the one fallen building.  Bentley wasn’t so disadvantaged.  We crossed the ruins of the toppled building.

This is what I was talking about. Draconia Blaze, the Spine Twister raised the roads into steep ramps, which as I understood it was done by twisting the space the ground was in rather than by moving the actual contents of that space. Which would mean that the ramps would morph back into road if the spatial manipulation was reverted.

It is still possible I misunderstood that, though. And even if I’m right, it’s quite possible that this apparent lack of snapback wasn’t unique to Draconia Blaze, the Spine Twister.

I can guarantee you that there are fanfics dealing with Echidna clones. Not as many as the notorious Taylor gets an alternate power fics, but some. [Redacted part of this ask, will be shared when it’s no longer spoilers.]


…also I thought for a second you meant Echidna clones of Echidna. Now that’d be a big ol’ problem.

Your town sounds a lot like where I grew up, in rural Alabama. I lived in a county with about 20,000 people in a 500sq.mi. area. There was a town of 800 and a town of 5,000 about 10 miles from my house. There were three towns about an hour away that were big enough to have movie theaters and restaurants that stayed open all night. Of course, the climate is a lot different. Summers are 85 to 100+ F, and some just north of freezing is normal in the winter. Also I’ve never seen more than 2” of snow

My municipality has about half as many people in a slightly smaller area (462 square miles), so we only get one movie theater.

85 to 100 Fahrenheit is hell, but just north of freezing is a very nice temperature. Just, y’know. A spring temperature.

I’m not sure if the fanfic you envisioned exists or not, but there’s a fanfic where Madison Clements is literally Madison Wisconsin, and based on that I’m going to conclude every possible fanfic likely exists somewhere.

There’s nothing new under the sun, they say.

I tend to think a rule akin to rule 34 applies to ships (even as it’s my go-to ridiculous crackship for Worm, there may well be people who genuinely ship Lisa and Greg), but if the fandom is big enough and put out enough creative work, it can be approximated for fanworks too.

Some people claim that Jessica Yamada is the best or most powerful character, but riddle me this: if she’s so good at her job, why is Piggot the only sane person left?


Perhaps because those insane people are in charge of defining Jessica’s job. If they made it so her job isn’t to keep people sane but rather to keep up the appearance of trying to keep people sane shit this actually tracks, she can be good at her job without it conflicting with Piggot’s status as the only sane person left.

It’s funny that you call Eidolon the “mid-life crisis cape”… Wildbow’s original idea for the character was a teen girl named Mary Sue. I don’t think it was ever specified if that would have been her civilian name, cape name, or both.


Hey, remember that one superhero webcomic I kept referencing in the early days of the blog?

Yeah, this character straight up exists there, introduced a month after Eidolon’s first proper appearance. Although she’s a little older, maybe 25 or so.

(It’s both.)

“What’s the worst they could do? As a tinker, I’m a protected species. Not like they’re going to fire me. If these guys are right, they might need our help. If they’re wrong, maybe I get in a bit of trouble. I’m willing to take that bet.” This is the mentality that develops in an institution that doesn’t birdcage Armsmaster for what he did in Extermination because of how useful his tech is.

It is, isn’t it?

“I like the implication that Flechette thinks Tattletale has a power that affects other people’s minds.”
From Shell 4.8: “I think I’m going to play it safe and have you be quiet. Maybe it’s a subsonic thing, altering moods as you talk, maybe it’s something else. I dunno. But you shut up, ‘Kay?”
This was said by the other racially Japanese gal who came to Brockton Bay from New York. Coincidence?

We’ve never seen Bakuda and Flechette in one place before…

Art By GrahamasaurusRex.

This stuff is so cool! That’s a whole lot of detail work just for the one shoulder piece, and seeing it all come to life with the additions of imperfections and damage marks and all that and thinking of how this is just one small piece in the grand scheme of what GrahamasaurusRex is doing for this story… hell, even just in the grand scheme of one shot… it really makes you appreciate what’s going into this project.

[GrahamasaurusRex’s Reddit post for the video]

I thought people might be interested in seeing the process behind creating detailed 3d assets like Skitter’s armor. These plates are meant to be made out of bug chitin so I’m going for a very gritty, unrefined look, alongside a general carapace-y design aesthetic. This is by no means final. I may finish the entire set and realize it looks like shit and throw it away, but this is a starting point at least.

Apologies for the jump in the middle, my screen recorder kept going out without telling me so it missed a chunk of work.

Let me know if you’re into this, I might do more process videos in the future (although I think this is the most you’re going to see of Skitter until she’s ready to be revealed in fully-animated, terrifying glory).

I appreciate people’s patience and support, this stuff takes ages and I’m working on a LOT of Worm stuff simultaneously so I’m spread kinda thin. Also my computer broke, I built a new one, I moved…twice, my show is approaching release, yadda yadda. Anyway, shit’s crazy and it keeps me motivated knowing that people are amped, so thanks.

I am so amped for this



Tattletale: “She clones people so we need to be careful about who we bring in to this.”
Eidolon: [struts in]

Hah. Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened. Eidolon rocking those heels though.

[Incorrect Worm Quotes post]

Flechette: I’m a lesbiab.
Flechette: Lesbiam.
Flechette: Less Bein.
Jessica Yamada: It’s ok, take your time.
Flechette: Girls.

The only reason this is an incorrect Worm quote is they spelled “Less Bien” wrong.

…does typoing a typo give bonus points?

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