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Worm asks

INCREDIBLY hyped for your 18.8 liveblog.


FYI, the scientific name for a group of Skitters is an escalation.

You know what, that tracks.

Hey Krix, this is the point I warned you about at the beginning of the arc where it glitched out and gave me spoilers. Triple check the arc name before proceeding.

Noted, thank you. *checks* By the looks of the url, the link points to “Interlude 18 (Donation Bonus 4)” (…I’ve been marking the last three as x, y, z because the first one was x in the URL… I guess this would have to be 18æ), though I’ll make sure to check the header too when I go through.

I mean, URLs have been wrong in the past because they don’t update on their own if Wildbow fixes the title. Just look at that one very recent chapter that randomly took place in Monarch instead of Queen. I could easily see an Interlude in Arc 28 or something accidentally being labeled as an Interlude 18 in the URL and then accidentally picked from the list of suggestions while going through to add the “previous” and “next” links, if they weren’t always there.

That said, all three “next” links on the page read the same and the date is correct (2013/02/14/interlude-18-donation-bonus-4 following a chapter that was released February 12, 2013), so I’m fairly confident they’ll lead me to the right page.

Wormverse powers tend to ironically perpetuate the parahuman’s issue. Imp’s power turning off when she’s unconscious would be way too helpful.

Absolutely, and I never expected it to. My tangent on whether it would turn off when she died was not meant as a “well that’s the only explanation”, just the angstfic part of my brain taking things further. And I mean, it’s a genuine question.

Her power won’t turn off when she’s unconscious because technically speaking, she has to actively become memorable. It’s like the power itself is actually being remembered, coming with a side effect of her default state being unmemorable. So while unconscious, of course she can’t actively become memorable.

But if she dies, does that stop the side effect, or does her corpse retain the state of “hard to notice and remember” until it decomposes, with no possibility of ever actively becoming memorable again?

And that’s where Tattletale comes into play as the protagonist of the angstfic, because her power either continually reminds her or makes her resistant to knowledge effects (she’s not fully immune, as we saw in Infestation), so she’d be the only one bearing the knowledge that Brian’s sister was ever part of the team. That she died. That he ever had a sister.

K6BD asks

You’ve apparently forgotten that White Chain fed Allison a drink that granted knowledge of the local language.

Okay so, here’s what happened when I saw this ask:

First I went “Huh, they still don’t get it. I’m talking about when they talked before Allison was given the blue devil liquor.”

But then it occurred to me exactly how I could be wrong, so I went back to chapter 2 and checked, and I was right. You know, about the way I was wrong.

I had not forgotten that White Chain fed Allison that drink. What I did forget was that White Chain had already been feeding that drink to her for a while before she woke up, i.e. before they had their first conversation where they could both understand each other. I think I didn’t fully get that the first time around, actually, despite the fact that White Chain outright says she has no knowledge of English all the way back there.

So yeah, you guys were right, my bad.

This next one is in the format of a whole post, so I’ll be breaking it up a bit.


Greetings, and congratulations on finishing King of Swords! While I am internally pouting like a five year old because you will not be continuing onto Breaker of Infinities anytime soon, I completely understand the concept of time constraints

(that makes one of us)

and thusly wish you a lovely reread. So, in preparation for it, I would like to show you some miscellaneous trivia, speculation, and pure bullshittery.

Oooh, some of my favorite things! Christmas has come four days early!

Firstly, I would like to announce something important: A week ago or so, exalted Abbadon announced in his Patreon server that another Ring of Power event is about to take place – this time for the Universal War. It is dubious as to whether this refers to the past one, or an impending second one, but it is assured to be ———-EXCITING!

Uh oh, Feferi has come to Throne and clammed her posfishion as the Demiurge of Coddling…

That sounds pretty cool. The first one apparently resulted in a lot of cool art, and hopefully this one will match or even exceed it!

Secondly, I would love to introduce you to Abbadon’s DeviantArt profile, featuring a downright jumble of previous comic stuff, generally pretty art,


and someone who looks a suspicious lot like “Pi’ipiessi Emayecks.”

peter piebald

It’s a real shame just how jumbled everything is, though; a decent load of his stuff is still on his Tumblr, or on Entervoid (like this page, which I am absolutely in love with). Just how much of it has been lost to time and faulty servers? Only those blessed souls who started following him as early as 2008 know, and I am far from that. One thing is for certain, though. SPACE CAT IN FUTURE DESTROY ALL ENEMIES

Alas, the curse of the internet lies in permanence and impermanence alike.

Battle cat is too good to leave behind a link.

You linked it twice; I suspect this was not what you meant to link for the Entervoid example? Never heard of Entervoid, by the way, but it sounds fitting.

Speaking of his Tumblr, or rather, his second one, good lord is there a lot of lore stuff there. For example, Jadis! Let’s talk about Jadis, because the comic sure doesn’t.

To be fair, some of that might be coming in Breaker of Infinities. But sure, go on. 🙂

– She was reallyreally powerful

– and I mean, “second most powerful Demiurge after Jagganoth” powerful

– or as Abbadon put it, “a whole glass goku” in his infamous Goku measurement system

That measurement system has all the precision you’ll ever need, ahaha.

– She is also the second oldest among the Seven, outmatched only by Gog, an untold millennia old mass of worms.

– She killed her own father in her youth

Early Mammon: “Just your old man? Yawn.”

– Most important of all, she managed to live through something that mauled a goddess: She beheld the Shape of the Wheel.

– As a result, she now possesses completeinfallibleundoubted omniscience.

Oh hell yes. I believe I’ve made my position on omniscient villains clear.

– However, the secondary result is that her mind was scoured and her body was violently burnt away, rendering her the insane glass-entombed corpse you now see. While her face is officially merely noted as “not in best condition,” certain concept art reveals that she quite possibly doesn’t have a face anymore. The same fate probably would’ve befallen Zoss had he not been more meta in his approach.

– The final result is that her subjects took to worshiping her, establishing the Temple of the Eye Revealed, which although internally peaceful to an extent is also utterly ruthless in enforcing this belief.

– However, despite this omniscience and preservation of some powers (such as, according to the Patreon server, being able to headsplode assailants from within the glass), Jadis is still largely helpless and sincerely pitiful. She cannot even properly communicate, and even her priests have made peace with the fact that she will eventually die.

– Such a shame as well, since she is the closest to what the original Demiurges were like.

She seems pretty awesome, honestly. Y’know, aside from the religious murder thing, but that seems like more of the priests’ doing.

– As revealed in Patreon chat, of the Seven Syllables and Holy Words of Royalty, hers is MIND, and Jagganoth’s is BLADE. This is a shame as well, since it would’ve been fun to have them switched, considering how Jadis often had an ōdachi in flashbacks, how her vision of the Shape interplays with the philosophy of Cutting, and how Jagganoth is a sweaty nerd.


– Also, her original design may have influence Himself’s.

A cage throne… neat.

…so that was a whole lot of rambling, huh. Guess I finally live up to my much ridiculed title of “#1 Jadis Simp.”

Hey, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

I will leave you off with this much, in any case, and move onto something more fun: assorted memes and miscellaneous nonsense.

Cio’s family

Nietzsche’s existence

Abbadon-sanctioned music

The Circle


A template

Canon [note from Krix: this and the next one are video file downloads]

Also canon


Intelligent conversation

They hated Fran because she told them the truth 😡


The Rockin’ King




Beauty itself

Utmost curse


Brief reprieve from KSBD






And lastly, your very own name written in Universal Metaconstant

Ooh, that’s a lot of fun links. Too much to react to everything one by one at 4:30 AM, but I did check them out and will say this: STONER and California got the biggest laughs.

Also, I appreciate whoever went and asked Abbadon about Pi’ipiesi. (I assume it’s someone who read my K6BD blogs because the spelling is the same.) His response is about what you’d expect from any Homestuck, and I suspect Ciocie’s cousin is in Solomon’s employ.

Writing this took me more than three hours. As penitence, I shall now retreat from civilisation and spend the next seven years learning Sword Law. Have a lovely day.

Your efforts were not in vain! Thank you!

Signing off for the night,

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