Patreon Bonus: Kill Six Billion Demons: Breaker of Infinities ch. 1

Source material: Kill Six Billion Demons: Breaker of Infinities ch. 1

Blogged: March 31, 2021

Alright, everybody, it’s that time again! I know I said these were over, but it’s a beautiful day for a war, so let’s check in on Allison and her crew.

Last time, our heroes’ victory at the arena was shortlived before Jadis showed up to warn of Jagganoth’s imminent attack. Then the big red asshole obliterated the place, seemingly leaving only Jadis, Solomon, probably Gog-Agog, and the allies Allison was able to protect with her shield alive.

This time, it seems likely we’ll see some fighting between Demiurges as our heroes try to escape with their lives.

Let’s go!

First let’s take another look at the book’s cover image.

Yeah, this is gonna be awesome. We’ve got Allison looking really badass in the front, alongside all her allies, and then there’s the menacing visage of Jagganoth in the background…

[Fair warning: This post contains a lot of offensive language in the source material, especially coming from Jagganoth’s soldiers, including homophobic and ableist slurs. I do not endorse the use of these.]

Allison, what’s funny about this situation? You’ve just witnessed an attack that wiped out thousands of onlookers, and now Jagganoth’s soldiers are creeping into the ruins of the arena, dissing you from the shadows!

Wow, these soldiers are rude. Fry ’em, Allison.

One thing’s for sure, Abbadon always brings their A-game when it comes to faces.

[alt text]

Allison’s not a bad person, but she does have her faults. She’s been through some shit in life and is still trying to find herself.

True, true. She’s making some excellent progress though.

You can trust Nyave to give a good diagnosis, even if Princess Mamoru would rather get back to her knitting.

I mean, redemption stories are great and all, but I don’t think Allison can sit all the enemy soldiers down and redeem them. She may have gotten Vladok/Mamoru over on her side, but (s)he was never really an enemy soldier.

Yeah, I think I like Mamoru’s option better here.

[alt text]

Princess Mamoru, you’re going to have to get used to the idea of living in a castle.

Yeah, after all she is a princess now. Or, well, her name is Princess.

Nyave just wants to think the best she can of the world.

Mamoru, meanwhile, seems to want to go toe to toe against the egg man, Solomon. Didn’t you see any part of what happened to his arena challengers?

Well, let’s try diplomacy, then. I’m not sure the soldiers of the Demiurge of Wrath will be particularly receptive to it, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

In which Mamoru summarizes all of Kill Six Billion Demons.

[alt text]

It’s a well known fact in Throne that you’re the best warrior there, but it seems like you’ve been getting less recognition lately.

It’s true, I am a badass!

Are you sure you want to pick a fight with White Chain, guys? She looks a bit more vulnerable after what just happened, but she still has the skill that let her beat Solomon.

Sort of.

“im not gay i have a girl friend” — bi Nyave and Nyachain confirmed!

Nyave is taking none of the soldier’s shit.

That’s a Nyave face if I’ve ever seen one.

[alt text]

Jagganoth’s army is trained to fight in the snow, and you can sense it. You know that they’re there.

In other words they suck at camouflage and the Finnish would beat them easily?

Sometimes you just gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run.

Oh hey, Garbodor’s here too.

Yes, I know his name is Vigilant Gaze. But he’ll always be Garbodor in my heart.

Alas, it is war. Jagganoth’s forces must be steadily advancing into Rayuba by now.

[alt text]

Vigilant Gaze knows that you’re going to be a problem, but it doesn’t know how big. You can either get out of the way and let them deal with you or strike now before they do.

A pretty strict attitude, but I can respect it.

I suppose it’s been a long time coming that Mamoru got to be the one to teach Allison something.

Wait, Garbodor’s seen Mamoru deal with Jagganoth’s soldiers before? I thought they just met today — secret backstory between them? I mean to be fair we don’t actually know much about either of their individual backstories.

Which one of you has an object of extreme divine power stuck in her forehead again? Surely you’re boss, Allison.

It seems Mamoru is very ready for this counterattack though.

[alt text]

Mamoru’s not a bad guy, he just has his own agenda. He wants to be the one that rules this world and I can see why.

Wait, Mamoru does still use he/him? I’ve never been too sure about Mamoru’s pronouns.

These guys keep calling Allison a “fox” as though it’s an insult. They, uh, don’t realize what “foxy” means on her Earth, do they?

Though if anyone’s foxy, it’s Cio. Allison is more step-on-me-please-y.

Mamoru was never one for diplomacy.

This is heating up faster than Allison’s forehead ornament during happy fun times with Cio.

[alt text]

Even when she was Vladok, Princess has always been a very independent person. She’s never really had anyone to look out for her or anything like that.

Yeah, that tracks.


And now, it’s on.

[alt text]

It was said that Aesma had a hand in the creation of this world. She is also known to be an extremely powerful necromancer, but she has never been seen in person and her whereabouts are unknown.

Aesma would be proud of that punch.

The only other option is to starve them. Like the saying goes, “Don’t feed Jagganoth’s soldiers.”

Y’know, I think this guy might qualify as a prisoner of war right now.

Unfortunately for him, the Geneva Convention was never ratified by Rayuba.

[alt text]

Jagganoth’s soldiers contain no shortage of talent, but you’re not going to be one of them. You’ve already proven yourself in battle and now it is time for you to prove that your skills are still as sharp when facing the living.

Alas, I can only reliably fight the undead.

Allison seems really done with this war already. Where’s that fire in her eyes?

Garbodor and Princess doing drugs comes as no surprise.

Yeah, these two are quickly becoming best buds.

Of course, the Jaggermeister isn’t having any of it.

[alt text]

The red king is a very powerful being, but he has his limits. He can’t keep you here forever and the only way to get him off your back is if you kill him.

I would assume he can only keep me here until the end of the comic.

Is this what Allison calls home now?

“Beat up” is one way to put it.

Ahaha, that’s great.

[alt text]

Although Nyave en was a powerful wizard, he wasn’t an Eternal. He didn’t have the power to raise armies of undead like you did and he certainly couldn’t command legions of demons like you do.

Aw, you flatter me, Abbadon.

It kind of looks like Cio and White Chain don’t feature much this chapter. We’re focusing way more on Allison, Nyave, Mamoru and Garbodor. I suppose that’s fair — those last three lag behind a bit on development.

Oh, there’s Cio!

And Numbah One, too. Man, Garbodor gets all the fun.

Are you sure, Incubus? You kind of look like her, at least at the top.

[alt text]

The King of Swords is dead. The last of the old guard has been killed or driven off, and now it’s your turn to take charge.

What if I don’t want to?

Mamoru in a standoff against Incubus is not something I expected of this chapter but I quite like it.

Incubus, of course, doesn’t care about getting shot. He’s a Demiurge, after all, practically invulnerable.

Who’s this guy? Evidently someone who cares about White Chain, but we already had a mystery associate for her last book.

[alt text]

64 Mustached Plumber Pipes Up Against Injustice is an angel known for his dashing good looks and protective attitude towards stolen princesses.

Huh. Well, that answers that.

Incubus is a master of manipulating situations like this.

Good job, Mustached Plumber. You’d think you angels might eventually learn that not everyone is physically damaged by lying like you are.

No shit she’ll be a target. She’s been a target this whole damn comic, with the master key being where it is.

[alt text]

Mustached Plumber knows everything there is to know about plumbing.

…I’m sure that will be very helpful against Jagganoth’s soldiers.

Nyave is really sick of all the killing in this story, huh?

Where did Allison come from? I thought she was going back to sleep.

Oh fuck, Incubus brought friends.

[alt text]

Trolling is life for Incubus’ elite unit, the Dream Team.

Ah yes, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and BadBoyHalo.

Wait, there are only three of these guys. I guess Incubus gets to be Sapnap.

Dream, in classic Dream style, starts running without warning.

Maybe don’t let Allison hear about that as she arrives? She has enough on her mind without realizing she never thought Cio the human concept of monogamy.

Garbodor’s totally ready for this, of course.

[alt text]

Ciocie knows what she wants. It’s mostly Allison, but only mostly.

Really, though, who wouldn’t want Allison, with a side dish of the literal trash Pokémon Garbodor?

It’s hard for me to explain
How humans find the pleasure of causing people pain

Everyone has a button.

Apparently it unlocked some kind of Dark Nyave form, though, so… possibly not entirely failed?

[alt text]

All humans have it in them to go dark. Few ever do.

Interesting. So Allison could also unlock this power someday, if Cio were being badmouthed?

Incubus, too, knows when to fold ’em.

RIP George. His and Dream’s love story shall never be complete.

[alt text]

It’s okay, they’ll respawn at their beds.

If you say so.

You, uh, kinda went dark there, Nyave.

Meanwhile Princess keeps threatening people with the gun but using the knife to deliver the kills.

Incubus isn’t quite one of Mick Jagga’s soldiers, Princess, but I suppose you wouldn’t recognize him.

Really, Nyave? Since when has “leave me out of this” ever worked in a story?

[alt text]

Incubus’ cutie mark is a bunch of little red hearts.

Not a cupid bow?

Maybe it could be wielded by David Bowie as a cherub.

At least Zaid was having a good time, until Jagganoth showed up.

He does apparently know who Nyave is, though.

Jagga is, apparently, the most stone cold troll.

[alt text]

It’s almost like there isn’t this big prophecy about him or anything.

Oh please, Abbadon, the Demiurges and Metatron are the only ones who buy that the prophecy is about Zaid.

Really now, you’re going after the goblins?

These angels could definitely be useful allies in this war.

“well your one flat looking bloodstain”

[alt text]

83 Frightened Plumber Cast Into Danger Sucks The Undying

A respectable name, very angelic.

End of Kill Six Billion Demons: Breaker of Infinities ch. 1

Stop! Hammer– I mean end-of-chaptertime!

Well, that certainly took some interesting turns. I like the new angel characters, even if we didn’t see much of them. They seem cool. The conflict between Nyave and Mamoru on the level of violence was also interesting, and I expect Nyave will have strong emotions about having briefly succumbed to the darkness in her soul.

I didn’t want to say anything at first, but I kind of feel like the art quality dipped a bit in this chapter. Unfortunately that’s just one of the realities of making a webcomic — sometimes life gets in the way of making pages meet the desired quality. Abbadon’s skill with facial expressions was on full display though.

See you soon for more Worm, and in the meantime, happy Easter and

Happy April Fool’s!

Alright, if you’re left looking at me with this expression:

it’s time for the “what the heck was this” part of the April Fool’s post.

This was the first chapter of Tails Gets Trolled, the comic epic of Tails and his friends dealing with a cabal of internet trolls. That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

At the beginning, the alt texts were largely written by AI Dungeon 2, an incarnation of the GPT-2 text continuation AI, apart from the first few words as prompts. Eventually, however, the AI gave out on me due to the internet issues that appear to have plagued the world today, so starting from the introduction of 64 Mustached Plumber Pipes Up Against Injustice, I wrote them in full myself.

Unlike some previous April Fool’s blogs, I did this mostly blind and pretended to not see some major inconsistencies like the characters being completely different, so… I was honestly lucky Amy (the Hedgehog, not the Worm character) didn’t show up after I assigned Toad as White Chain. I believe I have been told that somewhere in this thing, the sex Sonic said he was going to have with his girlfriend is flashed back to for plot purposes, and something like that would’ve been awkward given I was acting like the girlfriend was Toad.

Thanks to LHC for the edit of the title page. I considered doing something similar myself, but decided against it on account of time constraints and not thinking it’d come out all that well. But then just after I made that decision, LHC sent me, unprompted, an edit that did what I’d been thinking of, and did it far better than I would have done it.

I hope you enjoyed!

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