I just noticed a thing about one of the pieces of fanart I put into my phone wallpaper rotation, namely this Coil piece by Winkle92:

(Previously featured in this post from while I was liveblogging Arc 5.)

Look at Coil’s shadow. Or rather, shadows, plural. He’s got two of them.

That’s a normal enough occurrence that someone who notices the double shadows without knowing about Coil’s power won’t question it, but it also works as really neat symbolism for the way he essentially has two versions of himself going down the timelines before he collapses them into one whole (represented by his physical body, I suppose).

I don’t actually know whether this was made before or after Arc 8, or whether this was intentional or not. In any case, it’s either a really neat detail or something that’s accidentally quite appropriate. 🙂

How much of my hero academia have you watched?

I’ve watched up to episode 3 of season 2. I should probably get back to that someday.

Honestly, though… my favorite part of season 1 was before the Great Deku Tree actually got into the academy. MHA has a fantastic beginning and some neat characters, but I’m not quite as hyped about the later bits. They’re still good, it’s just… they don’t quite follow up on what got me liking the series to begin with.