Krixwell wanted to know if TV shows are a possibility for what Wildbow has written Ahh, well, it’s a shame none of it seems to be working out, but hey, people in the business being interested is still a pretty good start! And if it were to end up in TV form (movie sounds like a […]

“Ah’m sorry,” he said.  “Ah’m on edge.  Ah’m spooked.  Ah can’t calm down.  Ah shouldn’ta said what ah done.”“And you can’t stop thinking?  I feel like that, all the time, and I have for a while.” “They had Aisha.  So much ta what ah’ve done, ah done ‘cause ah wanted ta s’port her.  Make up fer […]

loreweaver-universe: every window within a forty-mile radius of my current position has functionally ceased to exist as a window and can now be more accurately described as “potential shivs”, “the cronch”, “anti-foot countermeasures”, and/or “boy howdy do I hope they never find me” Looks like we found one of the men who bought Shatterbird’s power.

rattyarts: 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge – Day 6: Spider Girl —— Here’s my long awaited next entry for the monster girl ch-… Huh. My mistake, this appears to be a normal human girl. Even if this is not a Worm fanart this is still how I picture Taylor’s swarm clones. Heh, nice! I really […]

cedoobles: A shattery bird gal. cedeelbe submitted: Made a redraw after seeing you react to my old one 5 years ago here: (link) The cringe inspired me lmao Ooh! She looks so happy, soaring through the skies! I liked the old piece too, but I can definitely see the artistic improvement here. I love the […]