Here, have a piece of music that the last paragraph reminded me of through its title:

And since I’m already sharing music, I’ve been meaning to bring up this track as another potential musical theme for this Arc:

Meanwhile, this is just a really good song I’ve been listening to a lot lately:

I closed my eyes, tried to stop myself from imagining that they were talking about Tattletale, or my dad, or even Brian, though I was pretty sure Brian had made it out okay.

Well, at least we never heard “Grue down” from any of the armbands, but Taylor did spend a lot of time away from functioning armbands towards the end.

Even as I managed to dismiss those images from my mind, a voice in the back of my head noted that whoever was on the table was important to somebody.  So many beloved family members, friends, coworkers, gone from people’s lives.

Yep. This was not a good day.

Even by Endbringer attack standards. A good day was defined in 8.1 as a one-in-four death rate. The protectors of Brockton Bay lost over half in a single attack this time.

My heart sank.  “Have you seen Tattletale?  Have you heard if she’s dead or injured?  She wears a lavender and black costume, and there’s this eye in dark gray on the black part across her chest-”

I’m sure this was helpful for fan artists. I know her outfit has been described before, but I don’t think it was quite this clear.

Then again, I’m not good at remembering outfit descriptions.

“I’m sorry,” she hurried to the foot of the bed, hung up the clipboard.

I’m sorry?  Was that an answer – condolences – or was it a refusal to speak on the subject?

I think it might’ve been both. The most she can say without technically overstepping her boundaries further, while simultaneously apologizing for not being able to say more.

I might have made a noise, because she turned back, stopped.  I couldn’t be sure, though, over the sounds from the other nurses, doctors and patients.

“We’ve got a code!” someone screamed, just beyond the curtain.  “Need paddles!”

“Paddles are in use!”

Well, shit. I guess we’re about to get clarification on what exactly coding means in this context. It sounds like it’s the “code red” option so far.

“Then get me someone with electricity powers!  And you, resuscitate!”

Heh, nice thinking.

Seriously, rogues and how society handles having them can sometimes be more interesting than capes.

In this case, the electricity powers don’t necessarily need to be from a rogue – there are plenty of capes here, even if most are beaten half to death – but I’m thinking about the potential use of rogues in hospitals under more normal conditions.

“Yes, some heroes got hurt badly enough they wouldn’t recover, they knew they had no more income from their costume career, so suing, it was a way-” she stopped, closed her mouth deliberately, as if reminding herself to stay silent.

A way to stay afloat on the restitution money.

But what does talking to the patients have to do with that, anyway?

“You can’t tell me if my back’s broken or not?”

She shook her head, “No.”

That’s… kind of dumb, honestly.

“I won’t tell.  I won’t sue.”

“Saying that isn’t legally binding,” she frowned, again, “and It- it’s not that.  I’m just a nursing student.  I haven’t even graduated.

Nice, we’ve got her talking about herself now.

They recruited us to help meet demand, to do the paperwork and check that patients weren’t coding, so the people with experience could focus on handling the patient load.

Coding? As in trying to communicate with each other via code? Or as in “code red” and such, maybe?

I don’t have the training to diagnose you on any level, let alone your back.”

That’s fair.

Might as well look up Hadhayosh too while I’m at it.

Alright, so we’re looking at Persian mythology, much like the origin of “the Simurgh”. Maybe this nurse is from Iran, and/or just wants to be consistent by calling all of the Endbringers by names from the same culture.

Palestinian is also an option. It would make sense for a Palestinian person to not want to use the apparently Jewish names Behemoth and Leviathan.

And much like the Behemoth in the illustration for the Ziz, it’s specifically a land creature. I guess maybe Wormverse Behemoth/Hadhayosh could be a combined fire/earth type? At the very least, he’ll be a land-based fire type.

This description also fits the illustration. There’s a good chance these were different cultures describing the same mythological beings with different names, just like in the present Wormverse.

It also makes it much more likely that Behemoth will have horns.

“That’s one of the other names for Behemoth.  Like Ziz is for the Simurgh?”

Ohh, I see. Hadhayosh wasn’t the cape.

…so Behemoth used to have hayosh, then?

Alright, jokes aside, I guess the significance of this is that the nurse may come from a different culture, and the fact that there are different names for the Endbringers. Makes a lot of sense, that, given that the Endbringer we’ve seen wasn’t capable of naming himself.

Actually, I suppose he could

blink it in morse code (does he have eyelids?). Or write it in the sand or spell it out with water like Taylor with her bugs at the gallery. Or with the bodies of the slain, or sign language… Point is, if he wanted to and knew how to write an alphabet – unlikely – he’d have ways even if he doesn’t have a mouth.

Why was sign language the last thing I thought of there?

Anyway, point is none of the Endbringers are likely to provide their own names for themselves, so people have to make up their own, and the Americans aren’t the only ones who have to deal with these fuckers.

Also, while I’m not familiar with Hadhayosh, Ziz sounds familiar. I think that’s an Egyptian or Mesopotamian god, but I’m not sure.

Alright, I got the what and the where somewhat wrong, but at least I was in the right general area.

The Ziz being a giant bird isn’t terribly surprising, what with the Simurgh also being a bird and the mounting evidence of the Endbringers having elemental affiliations.

Incidentally, I really like that Ziz happens to appear together with Behemoth and Leviathan in the illustration. Or, well, I say “happens to”, but I really don’t think that’s a coincidence. The fact that these three appear together in one place and form an elemental triad (though Behemoth here seems to be earth rather than fire, unless those are fireballs on the left edge of the image) leads me to suspect that they were considered a set historically just like they are in Worm. That’s the kind of thing I think Wildbow would know or find out while researching and then base himself on.