I love me some Cards Against Parahumanity. How could you not, when you have cards like “Armsmaster’s Excuse Generator” and “Weld’s Metal Penis”?

Hah! Sounds wonderful.

Yeah, someone has already made a Cards Against Humanity Worm expansion. Can’t really link it since it contains spoilers, even if they’re harder to understand due to being out of context.

Yeah, of course. Gonna be lots of spoilers in something like that.

There are a few Worm themed CAH decks already. It’s called Cards Against Parahumanity.

Also that’s a pretty good name, I like it. :p

There’s a Wormverse TTRPG written by Wildbow (technically still in-progress but popular as-is), a Wormverse story done on a forum by Wildbow (kind of like HS), a few Worm MtG cards made by Wildbow and more by fans, and fan-made material for D&D (some of which you’ve seen – capes converted to spells), CAH, SotM, Savage Worlds, Hearthstone…

Sounds like both Wildbow and the fandom have been busy bees!

It just occurred to me that – while I obviously can’t play it for a very long time because spoilers – Cards Against Humanity with a Worm deck is probably a lot of fun.

Bonesaw’s latest amalgamation consists of Bakuda the bombshell, placing insects under the eyelids, and Parian’s custom-made sex dolls.