This touches on some of the same things as azdoine did in parts of this ask chain, and I think you’re both right. Whether the sexual relationships following are rape or not, the act of using a parapower to (intentionally and without a consenting subject) change someone’s mind permanently, in the first place, should be […]

Yeah, this kind of perspective is exactly why I found myself asking the question of “is this actually rape” in the first place. There is consent, but the victim was forced to become the kind of person who would consent. Where do we draw the line between the legal status of someone who’s had their […]

I’m going to take a break from asks for a bit, but when I come back, I’m going to be responding to your inputs on the question I raised regarding rape and consent, which I’ve saved for last. If you’re not comfortable with that topic, you may want to sit the remaining asks for this chapter out.

I don’t think the powers are really that analogous in method, but more importantly, they do share some potential uses… I think you’re right, it’s kind of interesting that Canary and Heartbreaker were introduced in adjacent chapters. “Here are two people who committed sexual assault with mindbending powers, compare and contrast.” Canary could absolutely do […]

Well, that answers that. To clarify a bit on my decision to count this as spoilers: It’d be a whole other matter if the chapter had made it clearer that it was Grue, and I’d just managed to miss that, but it didn’t. As a result, I’ve been theorizing on this. Essentially, the Brutus being […]

End of Buzz 7.1

This was another good chapter… honestly, that feels like the norm these days.

We started the Arc off with some hot Brian on Taylor action adorable ship fuel, which is always welcome. Then we got to learn about Alec’s dark and troubled past, and the piece of shit that is Heartbreaker. It was high time we learned more about Alec, and 6.8 finally opened that opportunity for us.

And then, at the end, we got to watch Taylor put her knowledge from the end of Hive to use and figure out how to make Rachel let her tag along to doggy heaven. The next chapter ought to be rather interesting, allowing us to learn some more about Rachel, develop her relationship with Taylor and probably deal with a whole bunch of dogs. It’s bound to be adorable… and maybe a bit sad, seeing as most of the dogs are there because previous owners mistreated them.

I’m very much looking forward to that. See you then!

No,” Brian said, raising his voice.

Yes,” I told her, giving Brian a pointed look.  “If I mention the meeting before you do, or if I piss you off.”

I love how Brian is just like some… chibi character in the background going “this is a bad ideeeaaa”.

She looked me over, “Whatever.  If you’re that eager to get hit, it’s your funeral.”  She took off the backpack and threw it at me.  I caught it with both arms.  Heavier than it looked.

As I hurried her way to get my running shoes on, Alec hissed at me, “You’re crazy.”


Maybe.  Probably.  But I couldn’t think of a better way to reach out to Bitch.

I hoped this wasn’t something I was going to regret.

It might hurt for a few days, but you’ll be fine… hopefully. Your relationship with Rachel might be another story, though.