Every so often when Purity is involved, I think back to what I’ve been told about Interlude 3½ being a donation bonus, and go, “What if we hadn’t gotten to see that?”

Assuming it would’ve still happened this way, this current plotline with Purity losing Aster wouldn’t have hit anywhere near as hard if we hadn’t gotten that bonus Interlude, which let us get to know Purity and see just how much Aster actually means to her. How Aster is the main reason Purity is back in the Empire. How Purity was away from the Empire in the first place.

Unless Wildbow wrote the later chapters differently, all we would’ve seen of Purity before this development would’ve been an offhand mention as she arrived alongside Kaiser in 5.1. That’s it, to my recollection. We wouldn’t care about Purity as a character, as a person, in quite the way we do after Interlude 3½ – she’d just be a threat, with the story about Aster seemingly existing just to explain why she’s doing this.

Interlude 3½ may have been a bonus, but it’s fairly important in retrospect.

Yeah, there’s being upset about having your child taken away (which happened because the authorities found out she’s an active, high ranking Nazi gang member and criminal – Coil didn’t take Aster away any more than a snitch gives the mean kids detention) and reacting a little harshly to that, which is quite understandable, and […]

Fun fact: I’ve repeatedly run into trouble with the word “supernatural” on this blog. Because superhumans are known as parahumans in Worm, it strikes me as appropriate to change “supernatural” into “paranatural” when referring to parahuman powers. But I can’t do that, because the webcomic Paranatural exists and causes the word to be associated with ghosts and spectrals instead.

Paranatural is good, by the way – you should go read it if you haven’t. Although it’s rather different from Worm in tone, so I get it if it’s not everyone here’s cup of tea.

Awesome! It makes me very happy to hear that, and I wish you the best of luck! 😀 (By the way, assuming you’ll be doing it on a sideblog, feel free to drop me an ask with the liveblog’s url – as long as the url doesn’t turn out to be spoilery somehow, of course […]

End of Buzz 7.7

Welcome to the combat section. 🙂

I’d say I was spot on with my prediction at the start of the chapter, which I feel is worth noting because that doesn’t happen all that often. 😛

Purity seems to be the Arc boss, which ought to be interesting, but first we need to deal with the first airbender (of the story), mister dog and sportsbug. More specifically, Taylor needs to deal with Stormtiger, seeing as his enhanced sense of smell and ability to push away the darkness makes Grue’s power somewhat ineffective against him.

Once Stormtiger is defeated or outmaneuvered, the two of them might be able to make a run for it, but I wouldn’t bet on it succeeding. Although… it’d be very difficult to take out Hookwolf with bugs. Taylor would have to strike while he’s not transformed, and during battle, I’m not sure that’s ever going to be the case. As such, the continuation of the plot might actually require either backup or escape. (Doesn’t mean Cricket can’t get in the way first, though.)

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. See y’all next time for Taylor and Brian versus Stormtiger!

He used one of the translucent blades on his hand to tap the side of his tiger mask’s nose as he turned to look down at me.  When he spoke, his voice was deeper than Brian’s, “Don’t need to see you, sweetie.”

I was really, really growing to hate enhanced senses.

Haha, yeah, that’s caused quite a lot of trouble, hasn’t it. Lung’s enhanced hearing, Bakuda’s apparent ability to detect the Undersiders in the darkness (although didn’t that turn out to be her simply predicting their movements?), Armsmaster’s tech workaround for the darkness (which shouldn’t work unless different types/wavelengths of sound are differently affected), and now this.