Ah, fuck. It’s because I keep forgetting his name and ending up with the wrong one, and for some reason I keep thinking it’s Roadblock. I’m not even sure where I got that name from. Is that another character who’s been mentioned at some point? Also, what do you guys think – should I go […]

Hm… If anything, Dinah’s power suggests a sort of probabilistic approach, but I can’t be sure yet whether the numbers she gives are the cosmic probabilities for a particular outcome, or if she sees all the possibilities and just can’t be certain which one is predetermined to happen. I disagree with your definition of determinism, […]

Gunblades Hey, nice. It still primarily makes me think of RWBY because I’m much more familiar with that than with Final Fantasy, and because “it’s also a gun” is so common in that show that it’s become a meme, but that’s cool. Bastion and Kaiser Yeah, that’s fair. Haven True. It’s no surprise that there’d be teams […]