True, though if I were in that situation, I’d assume it meant the dead ones (as I did while liveblogging it). Not only is that usually the meaning of “losses” in this kind of context as far as I’m aware, but the armband was doing it that way in the first place because it couldn’t […]

We’ll see how I feel about that at the end of the Arc! (Either way, I’m not stopping immediately at the end of Arc 8 if I don’t find myself liking it. I want to at the very least make it to the blog anniversary in the late middle of January, which ought to be […]

It was mostly the sheer amount of death and the apparent hopelessness of the battle. Taylor’s trouble with finding a way to help certainly didn’t help, either. I’m okay with the named character deaths, including Tattle’s (though I’m not happy that my favorite Undersider died, I was sort of expecting one of them to – besides, […]

Endbringer of Extermination 8.3

This was a good chapter, but damn was it bleak.

More than 42 people died in this chapter, and that’s only the ones whose announcements we got to hear. That includes Tattletale, one of my favorite characters, though I was prepared for that due to the overlap between Interlude 8 and this chapter.

I’m not gonna lie: This is not my idea of a good time. I know this is one of the Arcs where people decide if Worm is for them, and if the story as a whole continues being this kind of bleak without lighter points in between, it’s eventually going to start leaning more towards a no. That said, I’m not going to end the liveblog as long as I’m still invested enough to want to continue, which I still am.

(Don’t tell me if it gets brighter or stays this bleak. That’s a thing I’ll just have to see for myself.)

So. The plan is no longer to win, but to survive until Scion – who apparently never stopped saving the world for a moment to buy a damn phone – shows up. I guess we’ll see in the next chapter how that works out for the capes protecting Brockton Bay.

See you then.

“We’re not going to be able to go on with Plan A.”  The words hung in the air.

So what is Plan B?

“This brute is hurt, but we don’t have the resources to hold him down while we hurt him any more.  We’re too tightly packed, like this, and it’s too easy for him to take us down in droves.   Two or three more minutes of this, and there won’t be any of us left.”

So spread out?

Armsmaster turned, looked up at where Leviathan stood, frozen.  He pointed up at the Endbringer with his Halberd.  “We spread out.  The second this beast is free, he’s going to look for a way out, to run and heal up what we’ve done to him.   So we cut him off, we slow him down and keep him from getting to any areas where he can do real damage.

Sounds like a decent tactic.

“Eidolon is going to leave, do what he can to minimize the damage from the waves and ensure the rest of the city doesn’t get leveled while we’re fighting here.  The rest of us are going to slow Leviathan down best we can, take any opportunities we can to hurt the motherfucker.

In just a second, we’re going to organize you guys, put the toughest and strongest closest to this bastard, space out the people who can hurt him, get the weakest ones positioned to pass on word if they see him slip past us.

Let’s hope you have time for all that.

“This is our plan B.  We stall, from here on out we prioritize survival over putting this abomination down, and we fucking pray that Scion notices there’s an Endbringer around and shows up before this city and everyone in it is a memory.”

Well. Not the most hopeful of plans, but since when was this a hopeful situation?

“Listen!” the voice that cut through the shouts and the frantic chatter was authoritative, strong.

Ooh, now who’s this? Kaiser, maybe? Although I’d imagine Taylor would recognize his voice.


Ah. I should’ve read another line before pointing out the recognition thing, because this is where it would go if it were Kaiser too.

He had Myrddin, Eidolon and Chevalier just behind him.  People turned to listen, myself included.

A timeout like this is probably a rare occurrence in an Endbringer battle. Better use it for what it’s worth, especially since we don’t know how long it’ll last.

“He’s torn through our front line, he’s taken down some of our best, and he’s deliberately targeted and eliminated most of the capes who were in Bastion’s group.

The heavy hitters, right?

We have precious few left who can take a hit from this creature and survive it,

Oh right, the heavy hittables.

and we’re running low on those who can wall off another tidal wave or block his path.

The last one was bad enough with walling.

Was he mentally cracked?  Was he serious or was he playing around?  I suspected the latter, but kidding around and wasting time in a situation like this?

Does Taylor not remember how Trickster’s power works?

In a second, the cape was replaced by an unconscious Clockblocker.

Hey there!

This makes me wonder what it takes for the armbands to count someone as “down”.

The pane of his helmet was cracked and leaking a trail of blood.  I bent down to examine him, was pushed out of the way by someone else.  Some woman with a costume that outlined her bones, like a really good version of the skeleton costumes you saw on Halloween.

Mrs. Skeltal requires doots.

She began using her fingers to check Clockblocker’s neck, and I couldn’t help but suspect she was a doctor.

Yeah, that or someone close to Clocky. Or both.