Anon said: Actually Kaiser not actually buying the ideology is NOT fanon, there is a WoG on it. And it’s certainly not used as an excuse to say “Oh Kaiser isn’t that bad”, just the opposite. Kaiser is so bad he has no qualms against using the racist ideology in order to manipulate people for his […]

Anon said: I’d like to say that it’s really neat how this liveblog seems to have gotten other people in to the story. I’ve been a fan of Worm for a couple years now, and it’s always a bit of a hard sell, because not only is it reading, but that it is A LOT […]

mkaiww said: Why do you screenshot questions and then post your answers underneath and could you please stop doing that because I’m severely dyslexic and the solution a use for digital text involves copying it into another window which doesn’t work with photos of text if that makes sense  Ah! Sorry about that. The reason […]

Honestly? I’m really unsure on just how intelligent Leviathan actually is, besides battle intelligence. I mean, can we hold him accountable to human morals or should we treat him more like a wild animal with a strong tendency towards murder? That said, he does seem to be quite aware of the science of geology, and […]

I’m glad I can help you enjoy the story better! It’s kind of what I’m doing for myself, too – my inclination is generally to joke about things and try to entertain myself and others. Liveblogging gives me more of an opportunity to do so, and an audience to do it for. That allows me […]

Re: “he’s known as the most powerful cape” from the previous post: I specifically worded it like this because being known as the most powerful parahuman doesn’t mean you necessarily are, much like how there could easily be someone out there who runs faster than Usain Bolt, but never made a big enough deal of it for the world at large to know about it.

Besides, parahuman powers are so varied that it’s hard to tell what “most powerful” even means.

Yeah, he’s been saving people non-stop for almost 30 years and he’s known as the most powerful cape. I come from a culture that despises arrogance over most else, but even I can recognize that at this point, he’s kind of earned it. Besides… are you going to go up to a guy like him and […]