This mention of powers coming from “shards or whatchamacallit” may have been a spoiler, so I guess I should put this here. As usual with spoilers, I’m gonna refrain from speculating on it too much, lest I make the crack bigger, but it does make me think of that piece of Karahindiba that came down […]

Endbringer of Interlude 8 (Bonus)

Well. I got my Tattletale backstory, to some extent.

Problem is she might also be dead, with her dying thought being the one word she really took offense to, directed at herself. I’m not sure if she is, but if she is, this was a fantastically written exit. Beginnings and endings intertwined, the formation of a team and its breaking apart as the heart of it is washed off a building. The ironic echo of Tattletale calling herself stupid in the same chapter as a reminder of how much she hates being called stupid.

This chapter was brilliant and sad, and while I feebly hope she’s not dead, I have nothing but praise for the execution of it if she is.

Damn it, Wildbow, you’re good.

See you all next time.