Fanart for Krix – Icktoria

There’s some Icktoria fanart you can send Krix now.

Icktoria pfft


Abyranss: I like the contrast between this and the other piece below. This one depicts a complete mess of limbs and faces and necks and hair, showing how Icktoria looks to everyone else…


lonsheep: …whereas this shows what she looks like to Amy. Twisted, broken, but beautiful.

They’re both really good pieces, in different ways. 🙂

“This is really awesome. I’d like to see fanart of this!“

Ask and you shall receive!

 Art is by Scarfgirl and as a cool bonus is designed so that it can easily be turned into a fridge magnet. 

Also by Scarfgirl, here’s a lineup of all the undersiders dog and giant beetle included

(Sharks mentioned there was a third image that wouldn’t load for her.)

Sweet! I really like scarfgirl’s cartoonish chibi style. They all look really fun like this! 😀

The beetle (Bailey, until I learn his actual name) looks fantastic in both drawings. I love the combination of a high level of detail on a freakish-looking insectoid and the fun chibi styling.

Shark’s comment made me doubt myself so I went to check. “Doing the wrong things for the right reasons” appear in Wildbow’s about page on the parahuman site, and when you go on topwebfiction the mouseover text on the link of Worm says “Worm: Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons”.

This is the official Worm banner on TopWebFiction, a rating of inline fiction dominated by Wildbow’s works. Vote for it if you like it! Anyway, this is where “doing wrong things for the right reasons” come from


That’s a pretty cool piece of Taylor art, too!

While I’m at it, here, have another one. Meet Armor Gadget, the disgraced former leader of the Ponyville Protectorate, codename Hoofsmaster. (The manestyle on the right is less accurate to how I headcanon his hair and more accurate to how vriska he is.)

cedoobles: A shattery bird gal. cedeelbe submitted: Made a redraw after seeing you react to my old one 5 years ago here: (link) The cringe inspired me lmao Ooh! She looks so happy, soaring through the skies! I liked the old piece too, but I can definitely see the artistic improvement here. I love the […]

Fanart commentary time! Today’s theme: It’s hard to truly appreciate just how freaky Crawler looks before you’re sent a bunch of fan interpretations.


fatsmagoo: Like I was just saying and will likely repeat a lot in this post, Crawler looks freaky as hell and it’s hard to appreciate just how freaky he looks until you see art like this. I love it.

The rest of the Nine also look quite good here – especially Shatterbird with her majestic glass “wings” and Cherish with the most natural pose – but it’s undeniable (for me) that the super-detailed Crawler is the MVP of this one.

(I trust the five-year-olds that surely read this blog about a story that is in no way for kids will take care not to look at Siberian’s naughty bits.)


And then DerTodesbote is here to reinforce it with not one, not two, but three amazing pieces focused on this freak. The shading and details are fantastic, and I love how scary DerTodesbote made him look. 🙂


scarfgirl: I could see this one being used in heraldry. Man, screw lions and dragons, whoever puts this beast in their heraldic achievement is clearly the awesomest noble around.


Also scarfgirl: And there’s the more adorable, relaxed Crawler!

Overall, the style in this one is quite distinctive, with the cartoonish bobbleheads. I like it! Also, I appreciate the inclusion of Hack Job, though he himself seems less excited about it.


Gar-a-ash’s Crawler design reminds me a lot of a t-rex with too many limbs. I suppose that’s not an inappropriate comparison for him – he’s probably just as dangerous, if not more.

Turns out Crawler’s origin story is Jurassic Park.

I like the scribbly style of his surroundings, highlighting that the focus is on Crawler himself.


silentstranger: I feel like this style really highlights the monstrosity of the Nine, with the facial expressions. Even Bonesaw manages to not be adorable here, and that’s just blasphemy.

Still, though, that’s not really a bad thing. This is definitely an important side of the Nine, and it’s good to see that represented as well.


Pabel and Nine: Damn, Burnscar looks badass in this one. That’s a bit different

of a

design than I’ve usually seen, and it’s a really cool one.

All of them look really good – besides Burnscar, I particularly like the expression and hair on Siberian (conspicuously the only one here without a full-body shot for reasons I think I’ve got a good guess at), which is probably the most distinctively Pabel and Nine-ish part of this image.


Abyranss: You know, I think I’ll pass. What’s that, Shatterbird? You say I don’t have a choice? Dammit.

…oh my cod this piece is so adorable once you look a little closer.

We’ve got Crawler with an axolotl face, Burnscar being beautifully crazed (in a way that reminds me of someone), Cherish looking so done, Siberian chomping on a leg in possibly the cutest depiction of non-sexual cannibalism ever, Jack staring into the eyes of Oni Lee’s decapitated head like he’s gonna kiss it in front of an erupting volcano, Bonesaw, and Mannequin having a cute little drawn-on smile (probably done by Bonesaw). This is beautiful and I love it.

So yeah, that’s all the fanart I’ve got for now. This was a good batch!

By the way, ChromaCurves’ pony Bonesaw design reminds me that just a couple weeks ago, MLP:FiM introduced a cutesy filly, Cozy Glow, who I honestly think could fit the part for Bonesaw in terms of appearance (though she’s not blonde). Not as well as Chroma’s design, of course, but still.

And hey, parts of the fandom seem to think she’s secretly evil, so that’s a thing. Though I suspect if she is, she’s more like Cherish or Tattletale than Bonesaw – after all, one of the reasons people think she might be evil is that her cutie mark, a chess rook, seems to be in playing others.

(For some reason, I ran into technical difficulties trying to post this as a photo post, so let’s try it like this. Might be more practical to read too? Feedback on whether I should stick to this format for fanart commentary would be appreciated.)


evaexe: This piece nicely depicts one of the best things about Bonesaw: even with a bunch of blood around her, clearly spilled by her while doing awful things, she’s adorbs.


Endless_Assault: Man, it’s good to see that smile again. I really like the pose and coloration here, too.


ArtLounge: The adorableness streak continues with a little chibi Vista! Wait, is she… is she dabbing, to the best of her chibi ability (chibility)? Either way, this is cute.

…is she actually chibi or did she accidentally warp the space around her own head…


ArtofLariz: Damn, Aisha looks amazing here. Badass and beautiful! Give her some years and she might become a true femme fatale.


More ArtofLariz: Skitter certainly isn’t slacking on the badassery either. This might be the most badass image I’ve seen that involves a ladybug, which is saying something considering I’m in the fandom for a show with a ladybug-themed badass as one of the main leads.


Blastweave: It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at, but it turned out the answer was “something very cool”. Oh, and Dragon vs. Leviathan. It’s a visually busy piece, but that fits very well with the chaos of the scene it’s depicting. The rooftop Tattletale in the background is a nice touch.


diangu246: Don’t litter, folks – if you leave large sheets of plastic out in nature, wild Scions can get stuck in them! Jokes aside, though, this is a really good-looking piece. I love the lighting and the somewhat somber expression, in particular. 🙂


RespicePostTe: The artists of this fandom seem to be really good at making the girls look cute (when appropriate). This is no exception – between the pose, expression and pretty, bright colors, it’s hard to remember that this is a girl who regularly gets people to kill themselves.


ChromaCurves: Ooh, I think I’ve heard of this piece before – back after Interlude 11h, someone mentioned that there were more pieces like this one by ChromaCurves (that were still spoilery – I suppose Crawler was the only reason that was still the case for this one).

This doesn’t disappoint. All the Ponyhouse Nine designs look quite fitting! But where’s Pinkie Pie?

Crawler doesn’t look particularly like a pony – to be fair, the original doesn’t look much like a human either – but I appreciate how he’s got components from various species in the MLP universe. The first thing I noticed was the changeling queen horn, but he’s also got the axolotl-like cheek things from Spike (seriously, why can’t I find art of Spike as an axolotl? axolotls are great), a pegasus wing, eye effects similar to King Sombra, at least one pony ear, and transparent spike-like things on his head that I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere in MLP but can’t place. There might be more I’m not noticing too. This is a neat design!

So yeah! The Worm artists continue to be excellent. Keep up the good work! 😀