By wolfofragnarok. Oh hey, that name makes sense as a potentially Worm-inspired name now! Anyway, the art. This is some really awesome stuff right here! I would read the hell out of a Worm comic illustrated by this artist, especially if Lung and Bakuda (though this is – as explicitly pointed out in the filename […]

By Zhaomeng. Some really cool art of the Triumvirate and two awesome ladies of Worm, MISS MLITIA and AI.EXND…A! I really like the details here. Especially the use of cross-hatching to shade (most visible and certain in the group picture), which makes this feel very comic-esque – alongside the contents, of course. Also I was […]

By Drunkfu. Sometimes it seems like grayscale and monochrome are underrated, like people think not coloring is automatically “lazy”, but I don’t think laziness is the reason behind Drunkfu’s use of monochrome in the first three pieces here. It seems like a stylistic decision that I honestly rather like for these pieces.  (Supporting that, I […]

Alright, so this enormous fanart dump was all submitted by HWIUM. Thank you!

I’ll be splitting the art up by artist like I’ve done a couple times in the past, and possibly leave some of it for the next ask day. There’s a lot of it!

After I read the title you gave the last chapter, all I can think about is some FNAF fan game set in the Worm universe where you have to spend five nights going back and forth between making sure Noelle is fed and maintaining your defenses in the face the the S9’s attack. I’m not the only one who wants this right?

(“Five Nights at Noelle’s”)

That actually does sound pretty awesome!

So I assume you’re not a fan of coilpet shipping?

I feel like the fact that it’s what I brought up when asked for the weirdest, most fucked up ship I could think of says a bit about my feelings on this one. Though I suppose some people are into that sort of thing.

But yeah, Coilpet is wrong on so many levels. Even if Dinah were the same age as Coil (but nothing else changed), it’d be super abusive.

I can’t say I care for that ship name either (even though it’s aeshetically better than Coildinah). Coil’s “my pet” thing is honestly one of the things in Worm that get the most under my skin, far more so than even things like Hookwolf implicitly including me personally among the Nazis.