By Drunkfu.

Sometimes it seems like grayscale and monochrome are underrated, like people think not coloring is automatically “lazy”, but I don’t think laziness is the reason behind Drunkfu’s use of monochrome in the first three pieces here. It seems like a stylistic decision that I honestly rather like for these pieces. 

(Supporting that, I think, is that even in the piece with more color, it’s fairly subdued.)

I will admit that it kinda looks like Tattletale and Skitter are in swimsuits of sorts in the third one, though. 😛 But maybe that’s more on me.

I think my favorite of these is the Leviathan one. The design is a big more spindly than I’ve seen from other artists, but it’s still quite threatening and I think the alien look of it adds to that rather than subtract from it. I like the double-jointed legs (I suppose his heels are technically at about Taylor’s shoulder height, and everything between that and his claws count as feet), too, that’s a neat touch. Also, Taylor being there for size comparisons adds a lot to the image.

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