I think if I make more Worm videos, I’ll upload them on a different YouTube account.

I don’t think things watched on Polsy count towards YouTube’s recommendation algorithms, but it seems like either I’m wrong about that, or videos you upload yourself do even if you don’t actually watch your own videos.

“Parahumans Worm Abridged Arc 3” is showing up in my recommendations from time to time now. As someone who uses the recommendation tab a lot, I can’t have that happening with Worm videos that have actually spoilery thumbnails and titles, or ones that aren’t clearly Worm videos until I start watching them and get spoiled on something.

digamma-f-liveblogs: well that was easy Oh, so this is how you cure retrograde amnesia. Maybe it’d work on Mark’s procedural variant too! Hey, Amy, have you tried just telling Mark in nearly meaningless terms how to do one thing, in the hopes that it might cause all his skills to come back? It’s half-assed enough […]

A girl stands in the living room, five or so years younger than Amy. It just so happens that today, the 17th of May, 2011, is this young woman’s birthday. Though it was twelve years ago she was given life, it is only today she will be given a name!

What will the name of this young woman be?

Amy recognized the girl from the pictures that were hung up in the office.


Had Mark turned it off because he’d wanted to sleep?  Amy was careful to be quiet, stepping on the floorboards at the far sides of the hallway so they wouldn’t creak.

Oh, I guess he can.

But yeah, I don’t think it would be on its own line like that if it wasn’t important.

A girl stood in the living room, five or so years younger than Amy.

There she is. Hiya!

Her blond hair had been curled into ringlets with painstaking care, but the rest of her was unkempt, filthy.  She stared at Mark, who was struggling and failing to stand from the couch.

Oh, right, I guess Mark would probably recognize her, and do whatever he could – not much – to either stop her (heroic instinct kicking in, in spite of current disability) or flee.

The girl turned to look at Amy, and Amy saw that some of the dirt that covered the girl wasn’t dirt, but crusted blood.

Well, that’s pleasant.

The girl wore a stained apron that was too large for her, and the scalpels and tools in the pocket gleamed, catching the light from the lamps in the corner of the room.

Why did I assign Panacea to be the TF2 Medic (tw: gore) when I was already theorizing – correctly, by the looks of it – that Bonesaw was essentially an evil, mad surgeon?

…also, I just realized she’s way too young to actually have a “medical background” like I suggested at one point. I think I kinda forgot at the time how young she was.

She was going to lose them.  Lose her family, no matter what happened.

This… might actually be to Bonesaw’s benefit. “If you’re going to lose your family anyway, why not come with us?”

Not that I think Amy would accept that easily, and probably not at all.

Which meant she had to go.  She was old enough to fend for herself.  She would leave of her own volition, and she would help Mark as a parting gift to her family.  She just had to work up the courage.

…damn. That’s an intense decision she just made.

Drying her face with her shirt, she carried the mug into the living room.

The TV was off.

Mark probably couldn’t do that.

Hello, Bonesaw.

And yeah, I haven’t forgotten that Bonesaw is almost certainly going to show up soon, one way or another (personally, I imagine her crashing through a window at any moment). She may try to do something to/”for” Mark while she’s here, or at least offer to.

And then later, when Glory Girl and Brandish come back from alerting the Protectorate about their sighting of Siberian, they might find Amy telling them about another Slaughterhouse member coming into their own damn house. That is, if she tells them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and the story. Let’s go back to crying Amy at the sink.