Things hadn’t exactly been quiet while I’d been gone.

Oh boy. Let’s see what sort of mess the paranoia and fighting have made.

“Calm down!  If we all just stop fighting, then this doesn’t end in tragedy.”

My leg bounced restlessly.  Without thinking about it, I’d readied myself to leap out of my seat, to defend myself, get out of the way, or respond to whatever happened.  My thoughts looped through possible things she might do, things I might say or do in response.

Taylor already has a habit of thinking through her options in detail. Combine that with potentially anxiety-inducing factors like the Harpies and it’ll go haywire.

Sophia put the phone away, and gazed out the window for a moment.  When she’d seen everything there was to see of transition point between the Docks and Downtown, she glanced over the bus’ interior.  Her eyes paused on advertisements running along the top of the bus, then settled on Brian.

Uh oh.

I swear, if she fails to notice Taylor at first and goes hitting on Brian…

The appraising look she gave him was unmistakeable.  It lingered long enough that it probably would have been uncomfortable for him, if he’d been aware of it.

(I was going to go with this other image, but it’s far more spoilery for Homestuck.)