“Daddy,” the girl’s eyes were wide with alarm.  She clutched the pillow tighter.

“Brigade, meet Amelia.  Amelia, these are the people who are going to take care of you now.”

Aw, he knows he’s defeated, he knows what’s going to happen now, and he pretty much entrusts Amy to them (whether they want her or not), all while keeping calm and reassuring Amy…

I like Marquis. I really do.

Brandish was among the many faces to turned to stare at him.

“to turn to” or “that turned to”. Pick one. :p

He chuckled lightly, “I expect I won’t last long without medical care, so I’ll hardly be turning the tables on you and making a break for it.  You’ve won, I suppose.”

The irony of this statement being said right in front of someone on his side who’ll grow up to become a healer is rich.

…maybe there’s a causation, even. Hell, we don’t know how Amy triggered. We do know that Marquis didn’t know what her power was, though, or whether she had one, until Lung told him.

“What do you mean by taking care of her?”  Lady Photon asked.

“I have enemies.  Would you like to see her fall into their hands?  It wouldn’t be pretty.”

Like Allfather, for instance.

“They don’t have to know,” Manpower spoke.

“Manpower… do try to keep up.  The dumb brute stereotype persists only because people like you insist on keeping it alive.  They’ll always know, they’ll always find out.  You put that girl in foster care and interested parties are going to find out.”

Rude, but the rest is true enough. Especially with people like Tattletale running around.

“So you want us to take her?” Brandish asked.  She couldn’t keep the incredulity off her face.

“No,” the girl said, plaintive.  “I want you!”

“Marowak, I choose you!”

He’s going to burrow, Brandish thought.  He’d done it often enough in the past, disappearing underground the second he’d dropped out of sight, then attacking through the ground, floor or rooftop.

So what you’re telling me is that Marowak knows Dig.

“Careful!” she shouted.

Lady Photon spent the rest of the energy she’d gathered in her hands, spraying another spray of lasers at Marquis’ shield.

That makes it sound like she needs charging, like Purity or Battery.

Then, as they’d practiced, she prepared to use her forcefield to shield Flashbang, Fleur and Lightstar.  Brandish and Manpower could defend themselves.

I suppose Brandish could use the morph ball, and Manpower is, well, Manpower.

A barrier of bone plates erupted around one corner of the room, rising just in time to keep some of Lady Photon’s salvo from striking a closet door.  Marquis emerged from the floor a short distance away, driving a spike of bone up through the ground and then deconstructing it to reveal himself.

That probably looks pretty cool.

“What are you protecting?” Lady Photon asked.

*waves hand in air* Ooh, ooh, I know!

“I’d tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me.”  He glanced around, “I don’t suppose we could change venues?  I’ll be good if you are.”

“Let’s not wake up my daughter.”

That’s a Mankey, not a Primeape

Whoops, yeah, you’re right. The thing I made that image with didn’t label the Pokémon, so I was using the wiki to check which was which of the two, but I guess I mixed up which one I’d actually put in the image.

In my defense, the two look nearly identical except for the limbs.


The Travelers were way, way too fond of that line.


“Then, Coil, what kind of munitions do you have?”

“Most.  I can provide virtually anything, given time, but for tomorrow morning?  Well, tell me what you need.”

Tell me what you want, what you really really want

“I’m thinking explosives.  How much can you provide?”


He wasn’t in the hallway.  There wasn’t even debris from where he’d torn his way through yet another wall.

…huh. Maybe he’s working with someone who could help him escape?

She activated her power.  Time seemed to slow down as she sped up.  She snapped her head to look up and saw him in the middle of a leap over her head.  He’d timed it perfectly, so he would be above her when she rounded the corner.

Damn, nice one. But with her power slowing down time for her (apparently tied to her speed? this might be inspired by relativity – maybe the speed of light is different for her or something), she might be able to react quickly enough.

Except she was faster, and she could hit harder than he could.  Given a chance.

The momentum in her blows is affected by the slowed time because from an outside perspective, the blow is faster.

Her elbow caught him while he was still airborne, and unable to dodge.  She slammed him into a wall, and followed up with a leaping kick while the effects of her power still coursed through her.


Madcap rebounded off of the wall as though he were made of rubber and ducked beneath her incoming kick.

Twisting around as he rose back to a standing position, he got a grip on her from behind in the same moment her foot hit the wall.  Heaving, he hurled her down the length of the hallway.


“a Roman AU in general sounds kinda neat” Have you read Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera? It’s what happened when someone challenged him to write a book that combines Ancient Rome and Pokemon.

I have not, but that sounds amazing. 😛

Through the mess of dozens of dirty and wet panes of glass, he saw her.  Shatterbird.


A sand n*****, going by memory and the color of her exposed skin.

…well then. That significantly reduces the chances a) that she’s here to invite Hookwolf or Cricket to the team, and b) that she’s going to succeed if she is. Though the latter does seem to be a pattern already, with Bitch being the only successful nomination we’ve seen so far.

I assume this particular variation on the slur means she’s from, or has ancestors from, northern Sahara or the Arabic Peninsula. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that – I don’t want to search this phrase and expose myself to content written by real people who would use it right now.

The upper half of her head was covered in a helmet of colored glass, and her body was covered with a flowing garment made of tiny glass shards, like scales.

It just occurred to me that I’ve been imagining both the Simurgh and Shatterbird as being bright yellow all along (at least since I learned the nature of the Simurgh), and I don’t really know why. I don’t think either of them have been described like that… I guess it’s just what my mind defaulted to.

Maybe Paige has something to do with it? Also possibly Zapdos.

Anyway, that glass garment sounds really nice. It reminds me of Elsa’s ice dress from Frozen.

“I’m not!”

“Then stab me!” I raised my voice, shouted at him.  “Or are you just a bully, getting weak in the knees when you’re facing someone that stands up to you!?”

Either way, not the kind of person we want in Skitterville.

He made a motion as if he was going to lunge for me, then stopped.

“Pathetic,” I snarled.  Not for the crowd.  I said it for him and him alone.

Much like what she said to Bitch, although here it seems more like a matter of who she meant to draw meaning from it than whom she made it audible to.

He lunged, holding the knife with both hands to drive it into my stomach, just beside where I had the armor.  I resisted the urge to bend over, but I did have to step back for balance, and I had to put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself.

Time to tango!

I clutched his shoulders, digging my nails in for grip.  I could feel pain radiate from my stomach and into my lower abdomen and chest.  That was despite the fact that the fabric of my costume had kept it from piercing my flesh.

I suppose the pressure and possible small cut is bad enough.

I forced myself to stand straighter, still holding his shoulders.  He stabbed again, but it was ineffectual.  

Big Man used Stab!

It’s not very effective…

Knocking one of my hands from his shoulder, he used the space that gave him to slash at my throat.  The first hit had hurt because of the force of the charge behind it, I could almost ignore these follow-up strikes.

Good thing we’ve established that throat slashing doesn’t work all that well with this costume.

He stepped back and looked at his knife, confused.  I hadn’t gone down.

I can’t help but imagine Link. Specifically, Link from Ocarina of Time, staring at the ocarina after learning a song, looking like he’s never seen an ocarina before.