“I’m not!”

“Then stab me!” I raised my voice, shouted at him.  “Or are you just a bully, getting weak in the knees when you’re facing someone that stands up to you!?”

Either way, not the kind of person we want in Skitterville.

He made a motion as if he was going to lunge for me, then stopped.

“Pathetic,” I snarled.  Not for the crowd.  I said it for him and him alone.

Much like what she said to Bitch, although here it seems more like a matter of who she meant to draw meaning from it than whom she made it audible to.

He lunged, holding the knife with both hands to drive it into my stomach, just beside where I had the armor.  I resisted the urge to bend over, but I did have to step back for balance, and I had to put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself.

Time to tango!

I clutched his shoulders, digging my nails in for grip.  I could feel pain radiate from my stomach and into my lower abdomen and chest.  That was despite the fact that the fabric of my costume had kept it from piercing my flesh.

I suppose the pressure and possible small cut is bad enough.

I forced myself to stand straighter, still holding his shoulders.  He stabbed again, but it was ineffectual.  

Big Man used Stab!

It’s not very effective…

Knocking one of my hands from his shoulder, he used the space that gave him to slash at my throat.  The first hit had hurt because of the force of the charge behind it, I could almost ignore these follow-up strikes.

Good thing we’ve established that throat slashing doesn’t work all that well with this costume.

He stepped back and looked at his knife, confused.  I hadn’t gone down.

I can’t help but imagine Link. Specifically, Link from Ocarina of Time, staring at the ocarina after learning a song, looking like he’s never seen an ocarina before.

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