Buzz 7.4

ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOU– I mean, hi! It’s time for me to read some more Worm!

So, last chapter seemed to conclude the Taylor/Rachel bonding time for now – but Brian is on his way, so I don’t think we’ll be leaving the doghouse just yet. Unless we’re going back to the Loft, I suppose, or (unlikely) skipping Brian’s reaction to what happened last chapter with the E88 members trying to either drive Rachel out or kill her – an incident which may have large lasting consequences, depending on how much Kaiser sees through his lackeys’ bullshit, how much he cares that it’s bullshit if he does, and how much he personally wants the Undersiders out of his way.

For the first two points, I’m guessing “easily” and “not particularly”, respectively, but for the third, it’s a bit less clear. I get the impression that Kaiser sees the Undersiders as not particularly threatening, but they are a minor obstacle when it comes to taking over the Docks, which has been a known goal of the E88 ever since Interlude 2. On top of that, Kaiser is a manipulative bastard who knows how to spin people, so he may very well have hidden his true opinions on the Undersiders behind a more careless facade. And if he’s figured out that the Undersiders work for Coil, or if he eventually does, all bets are off.

…I seem to have talked more about the events of last chapter than about this chapter in this post. Oh well,

I suppose that’s what happens when I have next to no idea what this chapter will be about (other than Brian’s reaction).

But hey, you know what that means? It means I’d better dive in and find out!

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