Whoops, I just stumbled across this comment in a conversation I wasn’t part of, on a Discord server that doesn’t usually talk about Worm or have a rule against it. (It seems this person does read my blog, so I want to say: Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. It’s a small thing, and I’m […]

(in response to this postponement post) For the last week or two, 6:30 AM is more like when I finally fall asleep. I have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (comes with my ADD), which makes it difficult to get to sleep at socially acceptable times, but at least when I’m forced to wake up at a […]

Ooh, this is a very interesting analysis. I think you’re absolutely right – with this reading, the deviation of this Arc from the structure we’ve gotten used to (I got so used to the structure that I started treating some of it like it was almost as guaranteed as the Interludes between Arcs – take […]

Dragon is the personification of the Interludes. No, I’m kidding, but look: We first heard of her in Interlude 5, we met her in Interlude 6 and now she was in Interlude 7 too. Anyway, here’s what I know: Dragon is a high-profile Tinker, considered the best by Bakuda, though her specialty is unknown so […]

I suck at picking favorites in general, but I do like Lisa a lot. Taylor’s pretty great too. As for characters I’d like to learn about, Alec is a priority. We’ve learned his backstory, what used to drive him, but I’d like to see more clearly what drives him nowadays. Hopefully the reveal of his […]

Hm… Karahindiba is kind of a mystery, but maybe if I take a step back from Hana, it might be closer to an answer. Hannah kept indicating in her narration that she thought something like that might have happened to others without them remembering it, though at first I thought she was talking about the […]

Well, we know this wasn’t some different conflict that started because of parahumans unless they were around before 1982 and unknown to the public. The war definitely started in 1978 (it had already been going for seven years by the time of her trigger event, which was twenty-six years before present day, which is 2011) […]