Karahindiba is kind of a mystery, but maybe if I take a step back from Hana, it might be closer to an answer. Hannah kept indicating in her narration that she thought something like that might have happened to others without them remembering it, though at first I thought she was talking about the soldiers and other children present. But then she asked Dragon if she remembered it, and maybe I should’ve put more thought into that moment than I did.

It seems like Miss Militia currently thinks Karahindiba (or whatever sent it, or its species, or something like that) is the source of parahuman abilities, and that all parahumans experience it but then forget. But because Miss Militia’s power involves separating a part of her psyche from herself, she remembers.

I don’t know if she’s right about that, but whatever Karahindiba is, I got the distinct feeling that it was something real, even if it only manifests in people’s minds.

…heh, if it does happen to every parahuman, Hana certainly got a better view of it than, say, Taylor.

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