Extermination 8.1

Alrighty, then! It’s time to liveblarg some Blergenblurgers! Uh. Worm. That’s what it’s called.

What I don’t know yet is what this Arc is called. Swarm, maybe? No, I was looking for insect related words that could also have something to do with the Endbringer threat, and while there’s a lot the Endbringer could be, it’s very much not a swarm. We know they come one at a time.

(Hell, maybe there only is one, and its powers/form are in flux? Unlikely, but I’m not about to discount it.)

Locust? Known for widespread and rapid damage to crops, but upon further research, that’s because they start breeding a lot and form swarms, so that’s in the same vein as Swarm.

Hm… The title might not be based on the threat, either, but rather something like the conflict between Taylor and the other Undersiders and how it’s resolved. I don’t know. Let’s take a look.

Extermination 8.1

Well, then. That’s quite ominous. I definitely feel even more justified than before in predicting lots of death and destruction in this Arc.

In hindsight, honestly, the title should’ve been fairly obvious. What comes around to bring an end to bugs? Why, an exterminator. (A profession that is traditionally reserved for former killer robots from the future.)

Let’s hope the title doesn’t also reflect how the conflict with the Undersiders is resolved, and move on to chapter predictions.

So, when last we left Taylor, she had agreed to fight the Endbringer along with the Undersiders. I guess this chapter might start out on the way… somewhere? The Protectorate was going to set up a meeting point for people who were going to fight the Endbringer, but does that include the villains?

This chapter is likely to be where we finally learn what an Endbringer actually is. Maybe also which Endbringer we’re up against. We only know the Simurgh by name so far – hopefully it’s not that one, since a second one will give me more to base my theories on.

Without further ado… let’s begin the apocalypse of Brockton Bay. A Brockton Baypocalypse, if you will.

What’s that? You… won’t?


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