Oh, about the nanotech Halberd, I was going to point out this under the ask about its appearance in Interlude 7, but forgot:

“Only problems are that it’s vulnerable to forcefields, fire, and other intense energy, and the apparatus takes up too much space in the upper end.  Even with my power, it likely means I’d have to do without some of the kit I’ve gotten used to.”

Maybe there’s a reason it didn’t cut all the way through. Maybe Leviathan has yet another power that neither the Protectorate nor Tattle’s power are aware of – some sort of semi-effective forcefield meshed with his body. Kind of like Glory Girl’s but less protective (since we know attacks can hurt him) and maybe somewhat… infused in the flesh? Does that make sense? If not a forcefield, then maybe some other form of intense energy that is responsible for the toughness of his flesh, and maybe his other powers too. Maybe this hypothetical energy is even what keeps him alive in the first place without any known form of energy intake or internal circulation.

I don’t know. It’s still just a half-baked theory.

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