Ah, right, makes sense. And I suppose they might have people whose power is directly figuring out advanced tech on sight. (They’d have to bring one of those along to Bakuda’s hideout, since her hypothetical dummy bombs could easily (by her standards) be rigged to detonate on touch by anyone who isn’t her.)

I guess on some level, I feel the need to acknowledge that I notice them, but it feels too distracting to actually call them out in my comments. I’ve also thought “on the off-chance Wildbow ends up reading this, it could be useful to point out typos he can fix”, but that’s kind of unlikely […]

True, though at least it’d let people say words to him. 😛 Sounds like it’d be awkward to call him, though. PRT person: “Hello, is this Scion?” Scion: “…” PRT person: “Uh, if it is… there’s, uh, an Endbringer in Brockton Bay.” Scion: “…” PRT person: “So, uh, if you could come deal with that, that’d be nice…?” Scion: “…” *hangs […]

Hm… I thought it might’ve happened along with Taylor’s arm injury, but looking back at when that happened, and it doesn’t make sense for several reasons: Immediately after the injury took place, the armband announced the deaths of Escutcheon and Herald. Counterpoint: She could’ve heard it from the other armbands without noticing that her own was […]

That’s a reasonable assumption. I’d make it myself if not for Armsmaster himself pointing out that he doesn’t think Leviathan understands a word of what he’s saying. Not even that Leviathan doesn’t understand the tech lingo (which would make sense – Leviathan isn’t exactly a regular member of society), he straight up says he doesn’t […]