Oh, about the nanotech Halberd, I was going to point out this under the ask about its appearance in Interlude 7, but forgot:

“Only problems are that it’s vulnerable to forcefields, fire, and other intense energy, and the apparatus takes up too much space in the upper end.  Even with my power, it likely means I’d have to do without some of the kit I’ve gotten used to.”

Maybe there’s a reason it didn’t cut all the way through. Maybe Leviathan has yet another power that neither the Protectorate nor Tattle’s power are aware of – some sort of semi-effective forcefield meshed with his body. Kind of like Glory Girl’s but less protective (since we know attacks can hurt him) and maybe somewhat… infused in the flesh? Does that make sense? If not a forcefield, then maybe some other form of intense energy that is responsible for the toughness of his flesh, and maybe his other powers too. Maybe this hypothetical energy is even what keeps him alive in the first place without any known form of energy intake or internal circulation.

I don’t know. It’s still just a half-baked theory.

Sometimes, yeah. 8.4 was already not that bleak in the first place, but I feel like Armsmaster vs. Leviathan made up for what bleakness was there. Now that some time and a not-that-bleak chapter have passed, I do feel like 8.3 was not defining a new norm for the story, it was just… concentrated bleakness. The […]

“We were talking shop,” Colin spoke.  He motioned to the Halberd he had in front of him.  “Procrastination through Tinker stuff.  I think tonight’s project was a success.” “Oh?” Armsmaster stood, seizing the Halberd in one hand.  He pressed a button on the handle, and the blade blurred.  Without even swinging the weapon, he let […]

There are almost certainly quite a few. One of my main problems when reading is that I have a hard time properly imagining the appearances of characters as described without visual aid, especially once it’s been a while since I saw the description. Liveblogging somewhat helps with that, but nowhere near as much as the […]

Endbringer of Extermination 8.4

This was great.

Armsmaster was fucking awesome in this chapter. Sure, he was underestimating Leviathan and being a prideful man seemingly only concerned with his reputation as usual, but he was genuinely a really badass fighter who provided us with what I believe to be the most visually cool fight so far in the story.

And, surprisingly, he didn’t actually die, in spite of about 3-5 different death flags. I doubt Wildbow is going to casually be like “oh btw Armsmaster bled to death” at the beginning of the next chapter, so I think he’s good for now, even if he’ll only be Armmaster from now on.

Meanwhile, Taylor finally found a way to help out! One that fits with what she’s been doing regularly ever since Agitation: Sticking bugs on people to track them. Along with the flier that was just assigned to Taylor, this also puts her in a position giving her an overview of the battle wherever it moves to.

Speaking of which, Leviathan appears to be moving towards one of the shelters. I should note that Danny’s also got a death flag or two on him (basically, if going for maximum angst for Taylor, it’d be a good time to kill him off just when he and Taylor have a conflict and she last saw him during a really stressful confrontation), though Armsmaster has just proven that such is survivable in this story.

So yeah. Next time, this bug is going flying! See you then! 🙂

“Got it!”

There was only silence after that.  Teeth clenched, shivering, I pressed my good hand as hard as I could manage against the ragged mess of Armsmaster’s shoulder, trying to slow the blood loss.

So is Taylor gonna have to carry Armsmaster’s former arm with her now?

Also, if the armband is on the detached arm, why didn’t the system announce Armsmaster deceased, CC-7 when the arm stopped getting a blood pulse? Hm. Maybe it did, and just didn’t bother announcing that to Armsmaster’s own armband.

“Yes, as long as I’m within a few blocks of him.”  Again, the system relayed my message. Affirmative.  Range restriction of ‘a few blocks’.

Huh. It rephrases it too.

Did it really need to reword what I said?

I could see it being useful if someone’s unnecessarily wordy, but there’s not much to be gained from this particular rewording.

“Can you fly?  Chase him?”

“No.”  Negative.

It seems almost stylistic at this point.

Meanwhile, the other person doesn’t seem to be getting reworded, at least not quite as blatantly. Maybe it’s a perk of being trusted with unmoderated chat.

“Then I’m sending a flier your way, to ensure you stay close enough.  We need eyes on this bastard, and you’re them.”

Yeah, I can’t imagine the reworded message would keep the word “bastard”, given the formal, military-esque styling.

So yeah, we finally know what Taylor’s role in all of this is! It’s kinda satisfying.

…I suppose Tattle’s comments on Taylor’s use of the bugs to sense her surroundings might’ve been foreshadowing.