“Mannequin.”  Another long-distance shot.  The figure was standing by Bonesaw in the photograph, with other hulking figures within the shadows of the background.

If this were any other team I’d suggest they had control of mannequins much like Parian with stuffed animals, but with them being in the Slaughterhouse, I’m more inclined to say they like to make mannequins out of corpses.

He stood almost twice her height, and he looked artificial.  His body was in pieces, each section wrapped in a hard shell of ceramic or plastic or white-painted metal – I couldn’t be sure.

Huh. Or he might be a mannequin himself. Case 53?

Also, I’m getting heavy Adventure Zone vibes.

His joints were a mix of loose chains and ball joints.

Ahhh, guess Bonesaw wasn’t behind the chain corpse after all.

A Tinker with a body-modification fetish.  I couldn’t say how much of the transformation was his own power and how much was Bonesaw’s work.

…or maybe it’s a bit of both?

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