“Shatterbird.”  A dark-haired, brown-skinned woman with a helmet covering the upper half of her face, in a beak shape.  I was reminded of Iron Falcon, the boy I’d tried to help, who’d died in the Endbringer attack.


I saw a glimpse of the next line and it seems like Taylor is going to say what she knows about Shatterbird’s power, so I’m gonna take a moment to speculate:

Maybe her power is to shatter bones? Not sure what prompted the bird aesthetic if that’s the case, though. Shatter bones and fly?

From what I’d read, Shatterbird usually used her power as the Nine arrived in a city, to maximize panic and terror.

That sounds… familiar. It reminds me of the Simurgh, who is a presumably birdlike being who spreads panic and terror by virtue of what she is, and apparently leaves cities in a state that’s potentially even more destructive than the Simurgh herself.

I wonder if there’s going to be a watery Fellowship member. We already know there’s a firey one, due to the charred body.

Also, I guess I should speculate on Bonesaw too… I mean, what do you use a bonesaw for? To cut things up. I’m thinking her power might be kind of like Faultline’s, except it works on living beings. She might be the one behind the chain-limbed person.

I supposed they were flying under the radar for now.  Fuck, I’d have to do something about my costume, just in case.

Hm. Pray tell, what can you do about your costume that might help you against whatever Shatterbird does?

“Crawler.”  No portrait, this time.  It was a still from a surveillance camera, a misshapen silhouette, not even humanoid, in a shadowy area.

Hm, was Crawler mentioned back in Interlude 3, when the Wards were trying to come up with a name for Skitter that wasn’t taken?


Nah. The names that were suggested before Skitter were Maggot, Worm, Stinger and Pestilence. The latter two were taken.

Anyway, it sounds like Crawler is a Changer of some sort, maybe into some sort of giant spider or similar.

I doubt that would let Skitter control them, but that’s a fun idea to imagine.

I’d come across stories about him when I’d been researching possible superhero names for myself.  Not pretty.

Ah, heh. The Wards didn’t consider it, but Taylor did.

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