Happy Anniversary! Here’s something interesting: you’re getting close to the point in the story in which Worm had its own first year anniversary.

On Worm’s first anniversary (which fell towards the end of Arc 11), Wildbow posted a chapter every day for a week. You should do the same thing now. Or when you reach the anniversary chapters.

Ooh, nice! So that means I’m not that much slower at reading this than Wildbow was at writing it… granted, writing it was probably a more time-consuming process than reading and commenting on it, so his publishing rates were (and maybe still are) still impressive. 🙂

I like the idea of a week-long Skitterbomb, to borrow a term from a different fandom… No promises I’ll make it through a week – there’s a reason I don’t regularly do this every day – but I might actually try that and see what happens.

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