Lung and Marquis moved forward, and the women of the cell block moved to block Lung’s advance, letting Marquis through.

They know what’s up.

Marquis stopped a few feet away from his daughter.  Their hair was the same, as were their eyes.

The day I cease seeing her as his daughter and see how she could be mine, he takes her back, she thought.

No, he didn’t. She gave herself back to him.

“I’ve been waiting,” he spoke.

That was enough.  She had the answer she’d wanted, even if she hadn’t consciously asked the question.

“Are you my dad?”

…oh wait. It’s Carol who has her answer, not Amy.

Is the question “does he still love her?”

“Carol-” Lady Photon spoke, her voice gentle.  “Take it easy.”

They stood in the mist of a ruined neighborhood.  Amy had stepped outside within a minute of their arrival, blocking the door with her body.  There was no resistance in the girl, though.

Ahh, I guess she doesn’t want them to go in and see Victoria’s, uh, cocoon?

It was more like the obstruction was a way of running, of forestalling the inevitable.

It’s this kind of thing that makes me compare Amy to Lapis Lazuli. The sense that the bad things are inevitably coming and all they can do is run away. From their enemies, from their friends, from themselves.

The girl hugged her arms against her body, her hands trembling even as they clutched her upper arms.  Her teeth chattered, as if she were cold, but it was a warm evening.

Was the girl in shock?  Carol couldn’t muster any sympathy.  Amy was stopping her from getting to Victoria.

But if Victoria hasn’t left after chewing out Amy, why is Amy like this? Or rather, why was she like this already when the rest of the family arrived?

What happened between her and Victoria just before this?

Victoria, who she’d almost believed was dead.

“Amy,” Lady Photon spoke, “What’s going on?  You won’t let us inside, but you won’t explain.  Just talk.”

If it wasn’t clear by now, I like Photon Mom (or Photon Aunt in this case) Sarah a lot more than I like Carol, even if Carol’s struggles are painfully understandable.

Amy shivered.  “I… she wouldn’t let me help her, she was so angry, so I calmed her down with my power.  She’d been hurt badly, so I wrapped her up.  A cocoon, so she could heal.”

And then?

“That’s good.  So Victoria’s okay?”  Lady Photon coaxed responses from Amy.

Of course she’s not okay, Brandish thought.  What about this situation makes you think she could be okay?

There were options that would have Victoria being okay, but Amy’s behavior suggests otherwise.

“I… I had to wait a while before I could let her out, so I could be sure she had healed completely.  I-“

Amy stopped as her voice cracked.

Alright, past tense, so we have gotten to that point.

“Keep going,” Lady Photon urged.

Amy glanced at Brandish, who stood with her arms folded, stone-faced.

If I change my expression now, if I say or do anything, I’ll lose it, I’ll break, Brandish thought.  Her heart thudded in her chest.

If you lose it, try not to take it out on Amy, please?

“The fuck!?”  She shouted.  One of the dogs growled, deep, as if to complement her anger with a threat of his own.

“You’re cured,” I told her.  “That’s it, that’s all it takes.”





all the ways she could’ve done this though

and she went for the healing smooch

on Rachel

So who’s talking here? Lisa?

“Why should I believe you?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as I can think of a convincing reason!”


At least they’re upfront about it.

Tattletale was on the street, alone, facing down Bitch, two dogs and one wolf on full-tilt mutation-mode.

Oh jeez. She’s in over her head.

It doesn’t help that Rachel is averse to Lisa’s only real weapon here – talking.

They advanced with measured steps, keeping close to their master.

I landed beside Tattletale, and the two of us made eye contact.

Is there a moment of confusion, lack of recognition, in Lisa’s eyes?


Nice. This way she checks both whether this is really Taylor like her power is probably telling her, and whether Taylor is unaffected.

“A-Carnelian,” she answered.  “You understand if I don’t trust you implicitly, here?”

Oh, that was Taylor doing that.

Still a good move.

Also, I like how creative they’re getting with the things they mention to represent colors. Carnelian, huh? Not really the gemsona I’d imagine Lisa having, but sure, why not.

FINALLY! Readers were going mad at the end of the last chapter. How did it take you so long to figure out it’s The Scentless Man and his secret mastermind minion Bitch!

Anyway, thanks for showing us the alternative interpretation for the last 1.5 chapters. It was fun seeing you rationalize so much things.

His unsmellable machinations continue, and nobody has caught a whiff of his plans yet! His ploy to cover Brockton Bay in deodorant is proceeding unhindered. It is only a matter of time.

The funniest thing here was that the “no swearing” line was supposed to be the reveal, a wham line the readers would catch (and most DID catch) but not Taylor, but you missing it made it all more entairtraining. It is good that you do not read the comments :p

I’m glad some of you enjoyed it! Many of the askers seem to have found it more frustrating than entertaining, but it’s good to hear that it wasn’t all bad. 🙂

I’m pretty sure I’d be on the “this is hilarious” side myself if I were among you. That’s certainly what my stance was on @zephyrthejester‘s Triangle Clan.

Still coughing, I struggled to my feet.  The back compartment of my armor had cracked as my weight had come down on the lip of the roof.  My weapons, the epipens, the cell phone and the changepurse lay on the ground.

I’m guessing she might find herself with a need for some of this stuff later, but having had to leave the things behind on this rooftop.

“Stay down!”  the junior heroine screamed.

I wonder how quickly Taylor’s own paranoia sets in.

If I hadn’t still been reeling from my fall, I might have been able to avoid it.  As it was, the section of rooftop behind me bulged up into a wall and then folded down over on top of me.

Hm. Well, at least if Vista limits it to keeping Taylor down rather than squeezing her, it might protect Taylor from Legend.

It bent to accommodate my shape rather than crush me, leaving only my head and shoulders sticking out.

Hah, nice.

“If you try that trick on me, little girl, I’ll shoot you,” I heard the threat from the air above us.

I suppose she could do it with an arm of asphalt or brick reaching out to grab him, Lapis-style.

This was going south, fast. 


“I’m going to turn my back and run,” she responded.  “If you try shooting me in the back, I’ll show you what I can really do.”

This is a good way of dealing with this, honestly. Mayking it explicit what she intends to do. Though there is the issue of whether Legend believes her.

Also, let’s hope for Taylor’s sake that Vista’s changes wear off on their own after a while.

“You’re saying I should leave you.”

“Yeah.”  She looked down at the rising mist.

Better fucking hope whatever this does is reversible or liveable, because if the miasma spreads sideways over the rooftop they’re on soon, then Taylor’s going to be the only one not affected.

This chapter got heavy.

“No.  That’s ridiculous.  Let’s get you to higher ground.”

Spending time that could be used to take out the Nine, to give the others more time before the miasma hits them. I have the feeling Lisa’s going to continue arguing that it’s pointless.

“It’s futile.  You’d be buying us a little time, but this is looking pretty inevitable.  Your time is better spent going after the Nine.  If you can’t find them, or if it’s too dangerous, find Panacea.”

Makes sense, at this point. Especially if the effect of the miasma is a one-time thing rather than something that worsens the longer you spend in it.

“This isn’t negotiable.  I- I can’t do anything for Grue and Rachel and Ballistic, Regent tried and he failed.  Let me do this for you.”

(There are two characters from Steven Universe I associate with this line, and they’ve been assigned to Brian and Amy, but I’m going to let you get away with borrowing it this time, Taylor.)

In her interlude, Piggot said she was dropping Bakuda’s bombs only after dropping the normal incendiary explosives.

Krix I think you’ve forgotten it was mentioned in The director Piggot interlude, first the PRT is gonna firebomb the area than after that they’re gonna drop the Bakuda bombs they still have

Ah. Yeah, I did forget that.

It doesn’t really change all that much. The regular explosives are still dangerous; this just means they’ve got a little more time to escape the blast zone before shit like black holes and portals to Homeworld and timeless zones, etcetera, starts popping up.


drew out words with my bugs, on a surface of wall where Regent would be able to see.  ‘Evacuate.’

He ran his fingers through the bugs.  After a moment’s thought, I gathered them into a square, organized by rank and file.  It took me two tries, but I managed to make them move to form letters, then regroup.

What’s with the square army? I could see that being the start of forming a map to show him which way to go (though arrows would probably be better)…

Oh, now I get it. It’s an easy starting point for moving them into letter forms quickly.

He dragged his fingertip through the bugs to spell out a reply.  ‘Can’t.  We run we can’t keep crawler down’.

A keyboard. This is neat.

Also I know it’s just a result of how Wildbow decided to format this, but I like the slight implication that Regent somehow capitalized the starts of each sentence but not Crawler’s name. That kind of typing… quirk, if you will, carrying through implies that Taylor included a shift key or a caps set, and Regent bothered to use it. :p

‘We’re coming,’ I wrote to him.

“Let’s go!”  I called out.  Tattletale turned in her seat and kicked Bentley to get him going.  Grue did the same for Sirius.

It was worth a shot.