“You’re saying I should leave you.”

“Yeah.”  She looked down at the rising mist.

Better fucking hope whatever this does is reversible or liveable, because if the miasma spreads sideways over the rooftop they’re on soon, then Taylor’s going to be the only one not affected.

This chapter got heavy.

“No.  That’s ridiculous.  Let’s get you to higher ground.”

Spending time that could be used to take out the Nine, to give the others more time before the miasma hits them. I have the feeling Lisa’s going to continue arguing that it’s pointless.

“It’s futile.  You’d be buying us a little time, but this is looking pretty inevitable.  Your time is better spent going after the Nine.  If you can’t find them, or if it’s too dangerous, find Panacea.”

Makes sense, at this point. Especially if the effect of the miasma is a one-time thing rather than something that worsens the longer you spend in it.

“This isn’t negotiable.  I- I can’t do anything for Grue and Rachel and Ballistic, Regent tried and he failed.  Let me do this for you.”

(There are two characters from Steven Universe I associate with this line, and they’ve been assigned to Brian and Amy, but I’m going to let you get away with borrowing it this time, Taylor.)

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