FINALLY! Readers were going mad at the end of the last chapter. How did it take you so long to figure out it’s The Scentless Man and his secret mastermind minion Bitch!

Anyway, thanks for showing us the alternative interpretation for the last 1.5 chapters. It was fun seeing you rationalize so much things.

His unsmellable machinations continue, and nobody has caught a whiff of his plans yet! His ploy to cover Brockton Bay in deodorant is proceeding unhindered. It is only a matter of time.

The funniest thing here was that the “no swearing” line was supposed to be the reveal, a wham line the readers would catch (and most DID catch) but not Taylor, but you missing it made it all more entairtraining. It is good that you do not read the comments :p

I’m glad some of you enjoyed it! Many of the askers seem to have found it more frustrating than entertaining, but it’s good to hear that it wasn’t all bad. 🙂

I’m pretty sure I’d be on the “this is hilarious” side myself if I were among you. That’s certainly what my stance was on @zephyrthejester‘s Triangle Clan.

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