drew out words with my bugs, on a surface of wall where Regent would be able to see.  ‘Evacuate.’

He ran his fingers through the bugs.  After a moment’s thought, I gathered them into a square, organized by rank and file.  It took me two tries, but I managed to make them move to form letters, then regroup.

What’s with the square army? I could see that being the start of forming a map to show him which way to go (though arrows would probably be better)…

Oh, now I get it. It’s an easy starting point for moving them into letter forms quickly.

He dragged his fingertip through the bugs to spell out a reply.  ‘Can’t.  We run we can’t keep crawler down’.

A keyboard. This is neat.

Also I know it’s just a result of how Wildbow decided to format this, but I like the slight implication that Regent somehow capitalized the starts of each sentence but not Crawler’s name. That kind of typing… quirk, if you will, carrying through implies that Taylor included a shift key or a caps set, and Regent bothered to use it. :p

‘We’re coming,’ I wrote to him.

“Let’s go!”  I called out.  Tattletale turned in her seat and kicked Bentley to get him going.  Grue did the same for Sirius.

It was worth a shot.

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